Friday, 13 November 2009

Spike the Cat

Some of you, like me, will enjoy entering writing competitions, so I'd like to mention a new publisher who is running one with a difference. Richard Hallows, the man behind is inviting entries for themed competitions, including 'Someone has to die' a competition for detective and murder mystery stories.

'Adventures in Time and Space' a competition for science fiction stories, and 'Secrets and Spies' a competition for stories of espionage and betrayal.  The prize money is decent, and you can pay extra for a critique on your work if you so desire.

An anthology of the best stories will be produced at a later date, and will be available to purchase. In return writers are getting published and building their writing CV's at the same time.

I spotted spikethecat whilst browsing, however if you visit their blog and read back a few entries you'll see that they are mentioned in the December issue of Writers News (page 11) Richard’s posts are informative and interesting, as he is a writer who is happy to share with others.

I'm for one going to give him a chance.  Why don't you take a look?


  1. Rolling Comps with interesting themes. I'll be throwing my hat in the ring

  2. Great stuff, Maria. I'll certainly give it a go


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