Sunday, 3 January 2010

Tisbech Terror

I have some wonderful news to share with you all. One of my best writing buddies, Keith Large, has won a National writing competition.

First prize in the Freelance Market News Short Story Competition is a fantastic achievement, well done Keith! His story "The Tisbech Terror" won their first line competition, beginning with "It was the first time..."

Keith read the story out at a Manuscript Clinic at the Writing School in Leicester in early 2009, some of you reading this will remember it well as it made us laugh. Although I'm not sure the tutor knew what to make of Keith's humorous tale of a Yeti on the rampage.

He was however, given some very encouraging critique, from both tutor and fellow writers.
And as always, Keith took it on board, and made alterations to shorten the story and lose the dialogue. Which was a shock. Those of you who know Keith will also know he uses dialogue to best effect. It was obviously very good advice on this story.

You can read Keith's story in the January edition of Freelance Market News, available on subscription. A good resource for anyone wanting to keep up to date on the latest information about the publishing world, it offers news, views and the latest advice about new publications.

There are usually several pages about publications looking for new writers as well as news of competitions and festivals etc. Articles on writing, book reviews and a competition of course!

It is a great feeling when one of your friends has success with their writing, it gives us a buzz, and I know Keith won't mind me saying this but it reinforces what he often tells us.

"Get it out there"

Congratulations Keith, what a fantastic start to the new year.

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