Sunday, 30 January 2011


Well, what can I say other than I did make some for January. And, shockingly some of them I have achieved.

  • Getting the novel into chapter order
  • Rewriting chapter one
  • Doing some flash fiction
  • Checking out competitions
And of course there have been some fails...

  • Entering a competition
  • Writing an article
But then I still have today, and tomorrow. No pressure then.
What about you guys? Did you set yourself some goals for the month?

Taken by Audrey Pilato


  1. Constantly do this, and worry when I don't make it. Have people waiting for results, best way to motivate...

  2. Carole,

    I quite agree, odd thing is, I produce my best work when I'm under pressure too!

  3. Don't beat yourself up too much. There are more wins than fails for your January goals. I'm trying really hard to be more realistic when setting goals - I am too good about setting so many that I couldn't possible achieve them all in one month.

    I set myself a word count target for the WiP and made it. Yup. Only one goal. But an important one. :)

  4. Well done, it sounds like a very productive January.

    I feel I should set goals - I'd maybe get more done if I knew what I was trying to achieve.


  5. Kath - That is an achievement. Word count is so important. I will post my February goals very soon.

    Suzanne - I told myself what I wanted to do this year, then broke it down into smaller monthly chunks, to help me get there. Who knows if it will work out, but why not say to yourself, "where do I want to be this time next year?" Maybe that will help you decide. :))


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