Sunday, 24 April 2011

Fresh Start

Its been a while since I last updated these pages, but I'm here now.

I've not been doing nothing, truth is, I've been busy doing other stuff, like writing! And, at the end of the day, that is my main aim. I do enjoy the blog, its good to keep a diary of sorts. Looking back at the stuff I've written here is amusing and reminds me, when I beat myself up, because I haven't done anything writing related, that actually, I've been doing quite a bit.

So a quick update, I'm very much enjoying writing again. On Saturdays whenever I can, I meet up with a group of like-minded writing buddies I've known for some time. We met whilst attending courses ran by the
 Writing School Leicester a few years ago, and got on well enough, that when the school broke for their summer break, we decided to run a critique group ourselves. It worked, and we haven't looked back.

Each week, we have a word emailed out to us prior to the meeting, and the idea is we all write 100 words. It can be anything you like, a poem, article, beginning of a story, or a piece of flash fiction. We start the meeting by reading them out, and comment on each, its usually very entertaining and rarely do we come up with similar themes.

Afterwards, we quickly go round the room to hear about any success within the group, followed by any other writing news. Then we get down to the critiquing of each persons writing.

The feedback is always useful, we aim to help each other so that our writing is the very best we can make it before we either send it off to a competition, publication or crack on with another chapter. Each of us have different goals, and ambitions.

Unfortunately, I have a busy diary, so won't be seeing my buddies for about a month or so, But I know when I return, I will receive the same warm welcome as always.

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