Saturday, 3 September 2011

Rambling in the Roaches

The Roaches is the name given to a dramatic, rocky outcrop that rises above Tittesworth Reservoir in the north of the Staffordshire Peak District. I arrived yesterday with full intentions of getting some great walking under my belt. Unfortunately I’ll have to hold that thought for another weekend, having come down with a nasty cold virus. Sadly, it’s taken a firm hold, and I’ve had to look for lighter pursuits to occupy my time.

Instead, I spent the morning in the market town of Leek, which surprised me with its unusual architecture, unique speciality shops, antiques centres, and a busy market.

I called into the local Costa, and sat a while, sipping my cappuccino, people watching.  Hard as I try, I can’t help it. Sometimes, I’ll see or hear something, be it the way someone has their hair, how they hold a cup, their accent, or an unusual tattoo maybe. Whatever, it's stuff which I could pass onto a character. Out came the notebook, and who knows, there could be something there for later. It's recorded now.

Afterwards, I popped along to the chemist and stocked up on various drugs to ease my cold symptoms, and headed for the Roaches in the car. It wasn’t the same, but I did get out and have a very short walk. The views were fabulous, even if the weather was a little grey today.

Afterwards, it was into The Roaches Tea Rooms for a very nice cream tea.  So although the day hasn’t gone as I expected, I’ve spent the time relaxing and taking it easy. I’m calling it head space. It’s important to step back from the writing and do something else now and again. Don’t you agree?


  1. Sorry you're not feeling very well. Hope you feel better soon, but it sounds like you had a good time in spite of the lurgy!

  2. If eating cream teas is one of the options, then I agree it's very important to do something other than writing now and again.

  3. I like the looks of the Roaches. You're fortunate to live in such beautiful country.

  4. Okay. Now I"m very hungry and very jealous ^_^

    Enjoyed Twitter chatting with you yesterday (I think it was yesterday?). Hope you're feeling better.

    I pushed the follow button. Hope you don't always make me hungry and jealous!

  5. There is nothing wrong at all with people watching.


  6. Feel better soon! And that plate looks delicious.

  7. Hoping you're feeling much better now. You're right writing space help you to see problems with refreshed eyes.

  8. Rosalind - You have to try don't you? :)

    Patsy - I am very fond of afternoon tea and cake.

    Richard - Yes, I am very lucky, and I try and get out and about as often as I can...thank you and welcome.

    Angelina - Don't be jealous, I'm sure you have a similar tradition to afternoon tea there?

    And yes, Twitter chatting is a fabulous platform for getting to know each other. Lets catch up soon. :)

    Scribbling Pencil - I love people watching!

    Sonia Lal - It was delicious...

    Jarmara - While I was away from my desk, I managed to work something out for the next chapter, so that makes me feel a bit better.

    Thank you all for your best wishes, and if you're new here, then a big warm welcome. And if you're not, a big warm welcome too! :)

  9. Mmm, the cream tea looks lovely. Hope it helped you feel better. You're absolutely right about the need to take a break once in a while.

  10. Hi Maria, fellow campaigner here. Thanks for stopping by Romance and Beyond.

    I did a wonderful hike today in my favourite place in Canada--Algonquin Park. Just love it. As I walked the path and ran my hand over the various evergreen needles, I thought I should compare a character's beard to the feel of fir needles. We are always thinking characters aren't we!

    Glad to meet a kindred spirit!

  11. Hi ~
    Our second daughter is named Maria...such a pretty name. It's not all that common here where we live!
    Thanks for stopping by today! It's great to meet you. Your post made me laugh, as I am a professed 'people-watcher'. The notebook is a great idea to capture something for a later character. Looking forward to following your blog. I'm anxiously awaiting the challenge tomorrow...maybe see you there. ~ Nadja

  12. Oh my that's quite a picture to stumble onto - now I'm hungry! Fellow campaigner here, just stopping in to learn a little more about you! Lovely blog!

  13. hope you feel better soon and find some great ways to add those notes into your future characters! fellow campaigner! nice to meet you! christy

  14. It is absolutely mandatory for one to take a break now and again and I hope you feel better soon, have you done the ginger, honey, lemon, boilingwater thing?
    I absolutely envy your quaint little town walk. I love such places.

  15. People watching is great fun!

    Fellow campaigner here - we're in the same adult fiction group. I write just about everything - from PBs on up to adults. Looking forward to getting better acquainted!


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