Sunday, 18 December 2011

Twinkle and Sparkle

Yes, I'm going to mention the 'C' word. Christmas. Thought I'd ask you a question. I understand we all have things to do, and people to visit etc, but what will you be writing over the holiday break? Or perhaps you won't be?
Maybe you're drawing a line under 2011? And feel you have done enough this year. I dare say you've all done your own review on the past twelve months.

I've spoken to a few of my writing buddies over the last few weeks, and most have made definite plans. Some will be working on novels they started this year, others are editing. One will be writing lots of individual scenes for either radio or screen.

Personally, I'm going to look at the novel I wrote for this years NaNoWriMo, as I'll be beginning draft 2 in January 2012.  So I need to know where I'm going with it.

I'll also be filling in my diary with dates for writing events and workshops I've earmarked next year. Its always good for me to get out and about and meet other like minded people.

What are your plans? Is your writing going to twinkle and sparkle over the holidays?


  1. I'm currently working on promoting my second book in series, and I'm writing a novella, which I hope to get published in 2012. Also have books #3 &4 in the wings (later drafts) to work on in between.

    But these next two weeks I'm mosly promoting the new book and working on the novella. I hope to make it twinkle and sparkle when I get done with it (^;

    Happy HOlidays/Merry Christmas to you!

  2. I will be doing some writing between now and the end of the year - and working on my writing plans for next year. They're ambitious!

  3. Lorelei - Good luck with the promotion of your second book. Sounds like you know exactly what's ahead.

    Patsy - Working on your writing plans - I'm intrigued now.

    Merry Christmas to you both x

  4. I'll be doing some serious writing! Hoping to finish up some of my WIPs so that I can edit my NaNoWriMo novel in January too :)

  5. I'll be doing a bit of writing in between family time :). I didn't finish this year's NaNo book, but I will be playing with it over the holidays, and I've very excited!

  6. Hi Maria, I will be continuing to promote my first published novel, Dream Keeper available through Amazon and Barnes&Noble through my website (As you can see I am working as we speak, lol.) I also want to set up a writing plan for 2012, just to give myself some direction. Have a great xmas and may 2012 fulfil your heart's desires x

  7. I'm going to continue working on my WIP's rewrites. I'm hoping to get a chunk of them out of the way.

    Also, I like your idea about looking into writing events. I have this little problem with shyness, but I do think it would be good to get out and meet like-minded people.

  8. Angie, AKA write_me_happy - Serious writing sounds the way forward to what you want to do.

    Cheryl - I'm with you on excitement, I feel good things are ahead too.

    Diane - A writing plan is a good idea and gives focus, perhaps you'll share, and we can motivate each other along the way?

    CD Meetens - Socialising with other writers has been great for me personally. I started out with a writers group, but actually prefer the conferences.

    You can choose what workshops and talks to attend, and if you want to mingle, or not...

    I'm going to go to AltFiction which is especially for Science fiction, horror and fantasy writers and readers. A great day out. Lots of stuff going on over a weekend. More about that later, when I have the details.

    Merry Christmas, and a happy 2012 to you all...

  9. My brain has ground to a halt. It's time for a little rest I think. My pen will be all the sharper for being left alone on my desk for just a few days.

  10. Rosalind - Rest is good. I never underestimate the power of chilling out.

  11. Hi Maria,
    I'm having a break from writing until the New Year. Although when I'm not writing the plotting of Book 2 is still going on in my head! Hope you had a good Christmas and I wish you a Happy New Year.

  12. Hi Maria, since we live (roughly) in the same area of the country, please let me know which writing events you are planning on attending. Maybe we can meet up?

    My new year's resolution is to do two hours of writing on my novel on at least 3 days a week. Everything else will have to fit around that.

  13. During the holiday I am doing some research in preparation for the start of book 2 in 2012 when hopefully, it will be full steam ahead.

  14. Michael - Showing my ignorance here, have no idea what Skyrim is? But do enjoy it!

    Anita - I do that too...we need space to think.

    Ruth - 6 hours a week on your novel is a great target.
    Regards hooking up, sounds great! One I'm definitely attending is Alt.Fiction on 14/15 April in Leicester. I will send you details.

    Another I'm looking at now is in February, Get Writing 2012, its further afield though...Get Writing 2012
    de Havilland Campus
    University of Hertfordshire
    11 February 2012


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