Monday, 30 January 2012

Finding Markets For Your Writing

I haven't sent anything out for a long time. Certainly not since I've been writing my novel. However, I understand the importance of getting your stuff out there, so when an email arrived from my critique group, asking for suggestions on where to send their short stories, poems and articles, I wanted to help my fellow writers, and contribute.

I subscribe to Writing Magazine which has Writers' News, incorporated, its the best magazine around I know of for paying markets, and opportunities to get into print. Crammed with all sorts of information of value to writers, if you haven't seen or read it, I urge you to beg, borrow or steal a copy. Well, perhaps don't steal one. Seriously, there are many submission requests, competitions as well as other outlets for our talents.

Here are just a few.

  • The First Line - A quarterly magazine providing a first line to kick-start writers imagination for short story submissions. Stories should be 300 - 3,000 words long, all genres will be considered. There will be payment for accepted work. More information can be found here.

  • Strange Chemistry - Angry Robot will launch a YA sister imprint in September, called Strange Chemistry. There is opportunity for YA speculative fiction writers who have an unagented novel, it can be submitted if it meets the criteria here.

  • Kent & Sussex Poetry Society - An open poetry competition with a first prize of £800, second £300 and a third of £150. as well as four runner -up prizes of £75 Details here.

  • The Bristol Short Story Prize - This competition is open to International entries, and 20 short listed stories will be published in an Anthology. There is also a first prize of £1000, plus a Waterstone's gift card worth £150. There are additional prizes and all the details can be found here.

  • Park Publications UK - Are looking for articles themed around the countryside, up to 1,500 words could win £50, £25 or £15 in their quarterly competitions from Countryside Tales Magazine. The next deadline is 1st February 2012 so you'll have to be quick! Details are here.

  • Lightship Publishing - Lightship Literary Prizes, include short stories, poems and a flash fiction prize. Read all about it here.
I've highlighted some ideas above, there are many more, Writing Magazine is one resource, there are others which I will report on over the months. I hope you'll find something to whet your appetite.

Oh, and in case you're wondering why I've chosen the picture of a post box above - its to remind me, you can submit your writing via email these days. So I can't use the excuse of not making it to the post box any more, and neither can you. Start getting it out there!


  1. Those are great links! Thanks for posting them. I always go look on for anthologies and publishers looking for submissions.

  2. Hi Maria, thanks for all the links. Looking foward to your future posts (as always) :-)

  3. Excellent post with a good variety of comps. Also as you say, it's even easier (and cheaper) to enter these days with many accepting work by e-mail. But I still love the postbox with a mouth big enough to take an A4 envelope without having to bend it. Its the fun of finding them. Keith

  4. Good post, Maria... And you are quite right - there are still tons of markets for writers to aim at. Especially if you are a short story/article writer. I think it gets infinitely more difficult when you are trying to sell a full novel.

  5. I subscribe to Writing Magazine and Writers' Forum - both excellent, and a good way of recharging the batteries and getting going again.

  6. As you well know, you'll never get stuff accepted if you don't submit it!!!

    Thanks for sharing these ideas. I used to subscribe to Writers' News but after about five years it all got a bit repetitive. I might start getting it again, see if they've reinvented themselves.

  7. Once we start looking it's surprising how many markets there are - surely there's something to suit every writer?

  8. Christine - I shall look at thank you.

    Diane - Hope you manage to try one or two...

    Keith - Yes, still one or two of those post boxes around.

    Writer Pat - Yes, lots of opportunities if you look out for them.

    Maggie - Used to subscribe to WF, I thought it had changed quite a bit. However, picked a copy up last month and there were several good articles in it.

    Ros - I think its better for the revamp!

    Patsy - Agreed, there should be something to suit us all, and your blog is wonderful for markets!


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