Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Goal List - Week Commencing 22nd January 2012

A quick update then.
Last week.

I've  finished 'Before I Go to Sleep' by SJ Watson, and I really enjoyed it - I didn't guess the ending. I kept thinking I would, but didn't manage it. Its definitely worth a read.

Draft 2 - Slow! Still in the reading it through stage, and hating it! Did I write that drivel? Although I have been told its normal to feel this way about ones WIP at this  stage. It doesn't make me feel any better. This meant I never got to polish five pages or write a synopsis.

Novel Booster Writing Workshop - Really enjoyed the day away, met lots of lovely new writers and picked up lots of tips from the tutor.

Second Yoga Class -  Hopeless! Can't find one that fits in with my hectic schedule. Think I'll have to try Pilate's instead.

Tea and Cake - Lovely chocolate cake and proper leaf tea in a pot at a farm tearoom in Leicestershire. Very lovely, and felt like a proper treat. I watched the world go by slowly, and took advantage of doing nothing for an hour.

Now this week. I am very tired. My back is aching as well, so I need the goals to be attainable. Here we go.

  • Prepare a 100 word piece of flash fiction for my writers' group meeting on Saturday morning
  • Read Write a Great Synopsis by Nicola Morgan I've downloaded it onto my Kindle, and I'm really looking forward to picking up lots of good advice on the ghastly, but necessary task of writing a synopsis.
  • Try to write something every other day. I have made a date with myself at different times over the next seven days so I can pull this in. I will report back soon.
  • Prepare a piece of writing to take into the Saturday group for critique
  • Find a new recipe, did I mention I like to cook?
  • More tea and cake.
 An early night is required now I think.


  1. Ohhhh that tea and cake sounds good Maria! Sounds like you are one very organised person. Good on you. Hope it all goes well, and if it doesn't, well that doesn't matter there's always tomorrow, next week etc (I think I wrote that more for my benefit, yes as well as yours. I'm falling behind on the things I hoped to achieve so far this year.) :-)

  2. Diane - Falling behind is the reason I started doing the weekly Goal list! I want to look back and think, well hey you did this, this and that...

    I think the trick is to focus and not overload, but then I always think I can manage stuff, and real life gets in the way.

    I shall keep trying though, and so should you. Have a good week and thanks for you comments.

  3. I just looked at a review of 'Before I go to Sleep' and decided it wasn't suitable bedtime reading for me. It sounds like the sort of thing that would keep me awake with worrying about the character. My problem is I get too close to the characters in a novel.

    Don't worry about your WIP because it IS normal to feel like that at this stage so just keep revising and re-revising until it sings... and early nights sound good to me too ;-)

  4. You are very organised setting yourself goals. At least you know where you should be. Not sure that would work for me although I am motivated when I have a deadline to work to. I think we can be too hard on ourselves sometimes. Good for you though.

  5. Great goals - I particularly approve of the tea and cake one!

    Hope you achieve all you set out to do.


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