Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Goal List - Week Commencing 29th January 2012

Update on last week first.

Prepare a 100 word piece of flash fiction for my writers' group meeting - Done, written on the bus on the way to the meeting on Saturday morning. Went down well! And I really should find somewhere to submit it! (read previous post)

Read Write a Great Synopsis by Nicola Morgan  - What a fabulous book, read in a single sitting, the advice is so easy to understand, I now feel I can, at last attempt my synopsis without it striking the fear of God into me.

Write something every other day - Yes! Some days it was no more than fifteen minutes, over a mug of tea, amazed at what I got done.

Prepare a piece of writing to take into the Saturday group for critique - I did, however, there were a lot of lovely new members, so I decided not to put it forward to be read out. I was eager to hear their work.

Find a new recipe - Yes, Yummy new chicken dish Very quick and easy to make, just the ticket for the busy writer.

More tea and cake - I'm becoming  a regular at the farm tea room I mentioned last week. Enticed by an individual hazelnut tart with pouring cream. Small pleasures.

The week ahead then...

  • Continue reading, and revising my second draft
  • Arrange future dates to meet up with other writers to help each other 
  • Send a piece of work out!
  • Read Writing Magazine
Lots to keep me busy as January rolls over into February.


  1. Sounds like you are going well. Showoff! LOL, just kidding. You did remind me (as I am back to focusing on short story writing) I must read a batch of short stories. That always helps. Thanks for the post Maria. You have a knack of reminding me what I need to do :-)

  2. Diane - Posting them here makes me accountable. They are really for my own benefit, but I'm glad I'm reminding you to plough on with your own tasks. ;-)

  3. Announcing here what you are going to do must give you more motivation. I need to think about that myself. The coffee and cake at the farm shop sounds like the one I could really stick to - and frequently do.

  4. Well done! I was just jotting down my February goals - I think they really keep me on track. I know what you mean about feeling more accountable when you've told the world! I'm writing a sequel to my book and I feel like I must do it now, because I said it on my blog :-)


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