Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Goal List - Week Commencing January 15th 2012

Last week's update first.

Got stuck into reading 'Before I go to Sleep' by S J Watson, what a great book it is. I'm a slow reader, Kindle tells me I am 69% through the story. Really enjoying it so far, and haven't managed to work it out yet!

Draft 2 - I seem to be going at a snails pace, because I've been away, I've managed very little this last week. I can only claim a read through of the first eleven pages.

Stills Pictures - Done! Passed onto my buddy. Very pleased with the results. They took time but well worth it.

Walking - Yes! Lots done, including a Nordic Walking lesson, which I really enjoyed.

Now for this weeks goals. Keeping them simple seems to work for me so here goes.

  • Continue reading 'Before I go to Sleep' by S J Watson
  • Polish first five pages of my novel & write the synopsis for it
  • Attend  a one day creative writing workshop
  • Attempt to find a second yoga class 
  • Take time out for tea & cake


  1. Great work with your goals! Have fun with your workshop. I'd love to attend one or a convention some time this year, but it's not likely to happen.

  2. Great goals (I especially like the last one!).

    You may feel you got less done last week, but you have addressed every area at least - some weeks it's a real victory to do something outside of the day job (right?) - so well done you!

  3. You sound very organised Maria. Well done!

  4. like your list of goals. they look like something you would want to do as distinct from "must" do. will get on with writing some of my own now , in a more kindly fashion than I had first thought of . thanks.

  5. I've just finished reading Before I Go to Sleep - read it in two days as it was so good. Highly recommended and one of those books that stays with you for a while. Happy reading.

  6. I'm a slow reader too. It is a disadvantage. But as far as your wip is concerned, you have to take time out for fun with friends sometimes. I don't understand the Nordic walking lessons, I'm afraid. *scratches head in confusion* And there's an award on my blog for you :-)


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