Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Goal List - Week Commencing January 8th 2012

Before I set any Goals for this week, I'll do a quick report on last week.

I started Draft 2 of my novel, to be honest its been horrendous. Its been like walking through treacle. I printed the whole thing out, but before I read a page, I decided I would write out a synopsis to see what I remembered. I hadn't seen my WIP since the end of November, having taken advice from other writers, to let it rest.

I don't think I did too badly on the recall, but I am really going to have to get some help doing a synopsis! I've spoken to a writing buddy who has done a few in his time, so I have a fair idea of what is expected now.

I managed the blog post, the 100 word challenge to take to my writers group on Saturday, and later that evening went out to take the Stills for a friends short film too. I hope to tell you more about that later on this week.

I dipped in and out of Writing Magazine, enjoying several of their articles, but I do have more to read. All this was interspersed wit lots of walking. So all in all it was a good week.

Onto this week then. As my previous post informs, you'll see I'm away from home chilling out at the moment.
I'm keeping the Goal list brief.

  • Start reading a novel (Before I go to Sleep by S J Watson)
  • Continue with Draft 2
  • Work on Stills pictures
  • Lots of Walking
Catch you later. 


  1. Great work! I wanted to get out for a walk today since it was unseasonably nice, but my son said since there was no snow, he didn't want to go out. =P

  2. Before I Go To Sleep is the suggested book from The Mail on Sunday You Magazine and you can go into their youreadinggroup.co.uk site to read about the author and discussion notes (just in case your followers don't know this).

  3. You've had a great week by the sounds of it. I started my second work in progress at the start of the year, after not reading my first one since mid November, it was very strange after being so immersed in the first one, to find I struggled to remember some of the smaller characters names!

    I read, Before I Go To Sleep this week. Great book. I really enjoyed it. I did work out the ending before it came, but it was well written and I couldn't put it down.

    Have a great week with the weeks plans.

  4. I suddenly have organization envy. I wish I could get it together enough to pull off something like this. -Aaron


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