Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Goal List - Week Commencing 12th February 2012

Wow! What a busy seven days I've had. Sunday 5th, I met up with fellow writers over a glass of champagne. Yes, you read right there. We know how to party. Seriously, a good writing buddy had a gathering of friends at her house, on probably the worst weather day of the year so far round these parts. We'd had lots of snowfall the night before, the roads were not easy to negotiate, but us hardened folk, lured by the memory of the fizzy chilled champagne on the tongue, made the effort! There was much writerly (think I just made that word up) talk.

Goes without saying I ploughed into my writing later on that evening, Sunday evening is always very productive,  because I have a set time in which I sit down and write. I also believe networking with like-minded others goes a very long way to motivate me. What do you think?

Draft 2 - Synopsis done, and I rewrote a chapter. Yay to that! Having the synopsis done will now help steer me through the re-write of the book.

Writing Magazine - I read what I could, enjoyed many of the articles so far.

Celebrate my birthday - Yes, I started on Wednesday, with an evening meal with friends, and went out to lunch with another friend on Friday for lunch. We did some girlfriend stuff in the city. It was good to catch up. My birthday fell on Saturday, which happened to be the Get Writing 2012 conference. So the rest of the celebrations happened on Sunday, and were lovely. I have been spoilt.

Get Writing 2012 - A two-hundred and fifty mile round trip in -13 temperatures, with freezing fog one way, and -5 coming home. However, well worth it. I went to two very good workshops, mingled with lots of other writers, and pitched my novel in three minutes to an Editor. A very scary experience. I also met two of my twitter buddies for the first time, which was lovely.

And so to this week.

Writing Magazine - Continue reading

Competition - Enter one!

100 Word Flash Fiction - For Phoenix Writers' meeting on Saturday

Draft 2 - I need to 'Kill my Darlings' in earnest this week

What are you going to do? Do share.


  1. Good luck with your list. I'm trying to complete the sequel to my children's book, but other things keep getting in the way!

  2. Wow! You have been busy! Glad you are motivated and enjoying your writing. I am waiting to hear back from a potential publisher, but in the mean time I have gone back to rewriting my follow up. Also, thinking of a way to improve and finish a very old story I started years and years ago.

  3. Happy belated birthday and keep at it! I have half a dozen old writers magazines unread and you've inspired me to dig them out.

  4. You are a busy bee. Well done. I'm tryng to relax more and hope the muse visits me very soon.

  5. Carole - Yes, life is busy, a sequel you say, that's good!

    Jason - You have a lot of different projects on the go yourself. I like the idea of revamping an old story.

    Graham - Thank you! I give mine away when I get to six back issues. They do have loads of good useful advice in though...

    Maggie - Relaxing is good!


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