Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Goal List Week Commencing 19th February 2012

The last week has flown, I lost it somewhere along the way. So, what did I do?

Writing Magazine - Didn't have time to read any of the magazine, it was full on with other stuff all week. Very little reading of any description done this last week.

Competition - Nope! Major fail folks.

100 Word Flash Fiction - Yes! Written on the hoof, in Waterstones, on route to the critique group. I'm very last minute.

Draft 2 - Darlings have been murdered. The synopsis needs work!

Not my best week for following the list, however, I've blogged, and signed up for the A to Z Blog Challenge starting in April. More information on that here. I also met up with my critique group at the weekend.

Work has been busy. Draft 2 is proving tiring, I'm taking small steps. Sometimes, only fifteen minutes a day, sometimes an hour or more. I work better if I do something else at the same time. Which is why the 100 word flash fiction is a good exercise, and of course, I enjoy blogging too!

Onwards then.

Blogging from A to Z -  Write out a draft list of blog topics and ideas for April

Draft 2 - Continue

100 Word Flash Fiction - Write one in advance of Saturday if possible.

Make plans - I'm taking over the position of Chair at Phoenix Writers' for the month of March, and I'd like to come up with some ideas for the sessions.

Eat cake! - Indulge myself

Offer assistance - Help two writing buddies who want to start blogs.

Walk - Get out, breathe in the air, and use it as 'thinking' time for the re-write on draft 2.

Enough. Hope you've made plans and have goals, and you're  achieving some of them?


  1. Eat cake! That's now my goal too. It'll be a struggle but I'm sure I can step up to the challenge :-)

  2. Sounds like you're making good progress!

  3. Annalisa - So glad we are in it together, we must compare cake next week!

    Tali - The weekly Goals list makes me accountable to myself...I'm trying hard to be productive.

  4. Small steps will get you there in the end, so keep on going. (When it comes to cake you need large slices though!)

  5. Patsy - Girl after my own heart, never scrimp on the cake!


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