Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Goal List Week Commencing 26th February 2012

Squirrel - Maria A Smith
Yikes! Where has the last month gone? This week will see us into March, and I'm feeling this year is going way too fast.

Last week then.

Blogging from A to Z  - I listed ideas for almost all of the twenty-six posts I'm going to write.

Draft 2 - Reworked a chapter, got some good feedback at the critique group on Saturday too. Further changes need to be made.

100 Word Flash Fiction - Allowed myself the luxury of fifteen minutes over breakfast on Saturday to write something different, more comic than killing. I've been pigeon-holed as a cold bloodied killer, and we can't have that, can we. It went down well with the group.

Make plans  -  I'll be Chairing at Phoenix Writers for March, so I mapped out a few ideas to try out on the group.

Eat cake - What do you think? You know me now. It was a very good week for cake! I really should write a book on cake, or tea rooms at the very least. Now, that's an idea. Perhaps a murder? No, no...!

Offer assistance - Yes, one down, one to go. Over tea and cake, ideas were hashed out, and we achieved the aim of the meeting. One satisfied writer, one new blog in the making. One writing buddy still in need of my help. Not forgotten.

Walk - Oh yes, it had to be done. Two lovely walks, I want to do many more. I got acquainted with my new camera too. See above. (Nothing to do with goals, to-do-lists, or writing whatsoever, but he's cute, so who cares!)

What's next?.

Blogs - Write a post for someone else's blog. Move forward with A to Z planning, and if you don't know what I'm talking about, look here, and read my take on it here. It's going to be good folks!

Draft 2 - Continue hacking away at it!

200 word flash fiction - Saturday challenge piece

London - Here I come! Special treat, going to see the David Hockney Exhibition with friends. I can't wait, its going to be so good.

That is about as much as I can handle, hopefully achievable and attainable. Big words! Let me know what you are up to this week? Together we can reach our goals, put ticks on the list, and enjoy cake!


  1. Hi Maria,
    Always love to read your achievements and goals for the week - very inspiring.

    You'll love Hockney - though it's busy, and probably getting busier!

    Hopefully you've read my blog about it already (of course you have), but if not, here's the link again :)


  2. Sounds like a good week! Enjoy Hockney - I've heard great things about it.

  3. Graham - Have checked out your blog, great post!

    Tali - I enjoyed! Very good exhibition.

  4. Wow! That's some planning - AND you work full-time!
    So good to see you blogging and to hear that your work is going down well at writing group. Keep up the good work....and cake-eating!!
    Ange xx

  5. Ange - I look forward to more cake-eating and hope you can join me soon.


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