Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Goal List - Week Commencing 5th February 2012

Last week flew by, ending January, and beginning February. This is what I managed to get done.

Reading and reviewing novel draft - Painful! I need a different plan.
Arrange dates to meet up with writers - Managed to get my diary organised for next few months.
Send a piece of work out - Fail!
Read Writing Magazine - I made a start, lots of interesting stuff.

Last week wasn't too productive, although I blogged, checked out some markets, and competitions, met up with some lovely new, and known writing friends from the RNA (Romantic Novelists Association) Leicester Chapter group on Friday. And, I researched Scrivener, read up on stuff, and ate cake again!

I felt very tired last week, the day job is mentally exhausting, and that didn't help the writing.

Up and onwards then!

Goals for this week. And I'm keeping it simple.

  • Draft 2 - Attack!
  • Get Writing 2012 - Visit, make new friends, and enjoy!
  • Celebrate my birthday
  • Read Writing magazine

Anyone with good ideas on how to attack a second novel draft, please do comment, or for that matter, anyone who wants to say anything Goal related is also more than welcome to give me their tips and tricks.
I'm waiting...


  1. At the 2nd draft stage, a novel hasn't 'set' yet. It's still like water, (at the end, it should be like ice you can skate over)and new things can still be added. Because of this, I always do 2nd drafts online, although any draft after the 3rd definitely needs to be done on the hard copy and the changes put up later.

  2. Maria, I have an award for you over at my blog.

  3. Hi, I've popped over from Patsy's blog. I'm sure I've visited before, but not followed, so I'll do that now!

    As for drafts... I'm putting off reading my draft. I just can't seem to get started.

  4. That sounds more achievable, so good luck - and enjoy.

    A 2nd draft? Well done for getting that far.


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