Sunday, 5 February 2012

Happy Sunday - Robbie Williams - Mr. Bojangles

Happy Saturday, becomes Happy Sunday.
Due to adverse weather conditions dropping my broadband connection out, I couldn't post yesterday. We had hours of snowfall, and when I could have been relaxing with a book, or settled down writing. Actually, I was fretting about getting this video uploaded.

I chose this song because I remembered how blown away I'd been when I first heard Robbie Williams singing Swing. It was like nothing else he had done before. The concert was live at the Royal Albert Hall in 2001, and this particular song I loved! As soon as I heard it, I felt quite moved. Having once seen footage of Sammy Davis Jr, performing this song many years ago.

I went straight out and brought the CD/DVD 'Swing When You're Winning' special edition copy, as soon as it became available. Now, and again I watch it, and feel all nostalgic, and I think how wonderful it must have been to have seen Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr and Dean Martin at the dawn of the 1960's performing together. They were known as the 'The Rat Pack' in their handmade suits. Sinatra sang, Davis danced and Martin boozed. They were very much loved for their easy on stage banter and Tom foolery, as well as their unique voices. 

2001 doesn't seem nearly as long ago as it actually was when Robbie performed 'Mr Bojangles'. quickly time flies. I hope you enjoy it.

Have a Happy Sunday!


  1. I love the memories music can evoke. Recently found a CD I used to play and dance to with my daughter when she was two. What a great memory!

  2. That was a lovely clip. What a brilliant dancer he had on stage with him too. Robbie Williams has got such a lovely smile. What a shame he's suffered so much with drugs. I never got the chance to see any of those originals live. Must have been amazing.

    p.s. Sometimes the Word Verification is strangely appropriate. This one was tapsyn. Just thought I'd say!

  3. I love Robbie's swing music too..Isn't it great when music inspires us and brings back so many happy memories?

  4. I love this song by Robbie. Than you for reminding me of it! :)

  5. Well ladies, what can I say, Robbie appears to have gone down well. ;-)


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