Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Goal List Week Commencing 11th March 2012

Here's what I did last week then, before we get into this week.

Second draft - Haven't worked on  my manuscript this past week, I'm not sure why, possibly sheer volume of work, although I seem to have prioritised everything else around it. I need to ask myself why that is? Therefore, I'm standing it down for a week to consider things.

Blog - I didn't manage five new posts. I ran out of time.

Help another writer - Done! Helped fellow writer Keith, set up his blog, The Escape Line Keith needed a nudge to get his blog started. He's passionate about escape and invasion, as well as many other aspects of WW2. Over time he'll be educating and informing us, go visit, and leave him a message.

200 word challenge - Did a piece about a mundane object. I chose my American fridge freezer and the story behind how I came to own it. Read it out at the group on Saturday, it was a fun exercise, and interesting to read other writers pieces on their everyday object.

Seek out somewhere to relax - Done, I managed some 'me' time, it was lovely, had a massage, it felt lovely, and I was so relaxed by the end of it.

Afternoon Tea - Done! I ate a delicious scone with butter, washed down with tea. Could have lingered a lot longer, however commitments cut short my visit.

This week, I'm keeping things simple, I'm tired, so here's my list.

A TO Z Challenge - Write a couple of blog posts for the upcoming challenge.

200 Word Challenge - As its St Patrick's day on Saturday, we are writing something with an Irish theme.

Walk - I need to get out in the fresh air.

What are your goals this week?


  1. I love having massages. I haven't managed to have one for a long time - I don't have goal lists, but if I did, that would be on there!

  2. I like the idea of getting out in the fresh air. I think that helps sort out a lot of things. :-)

  3. Oh, a massage. Very nice. I managed to work on some revisions today. That's a step in the right direction!

  4. I've found your blog by way of the A-Z challenge and very much enjoyed reading your posts.
    My goals tomorrow are to write my topics for A-Z and organize the notebooks in my creative room and paint a door. All this with going to work as well.
    I'm with Annalisa--massages need to be on everybodys goal list.

  5. To stay focused on my writing. Three novels and a pocket novel to finish this year.

    Good luck with your goals

  6. Annalisa - You should try and get one, the benefits are fantastic!

    Diane - You can't beat a good walk, always makes me feel better afterwards. Just got to get myself out there in the first place...

    Christine - Revisions, you could teach me a thing or two there.

    Bethie - Hello, and welcome, and thank you.
    I wrote down my list of topics a few weeks ago, its exciting!
    I work full-time too so know what you mean.

    I'll be checking out your blog soon. Have a good week.

    Jamara - You're flying! Best wishes, I'll catch you soon over on your blog.

  7. Great post. Love all your 'to do' or rather 'just done' things. So great you have things like massage and walking on it. You've been tagged! Pop over to my blog for more info :)

  8. Afternoon tea sounds particularly nice :-)
    I would dearly love one of those American fridge freezers - I was gazing longingly at them in Currys just a couple of weeks ago.
    Good luck with your goals x

  9. Claire - Thank you, and I'll be over very soon.

    Teresa - Bite the bullet, go get one! Mine delivers ice within seconds, and its used all year round.
    They are fabulous for keeping food fresh for weeks too...

  10. Hi Maria, Thanks for recommending your friend, Keith's blog about WW2-I've followed as I'm very interested in WW2-wrote about Italy during WW2 in my first novel and will probably write about France or Italy during WW2 in my second novel-still deciding.
    p.s.lucky you having a massage-definitely a recipe for relaxation.

  11. Anita,

    Keith and I are in the same writing group, he's very friendly, I'm sure if you have any questions he would try and help you out.

    He has lots of ideas for his blog.

  12. Good goals, good post and great work on Twitter for the Escape Line Blog. Thanks again. A large deluxe hot chocolate with cream and marshmellows at M & S yesterday to celebrate traffic on the blog - before the traffic queueing off the M1

  13. Keith - I'm very happy you have finally plunged in head first!
    I quite fancy one of those hot chocolates now...

  14. Lack of time is a big problem - you seem to have managed quite a lot of your goals though.


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