Sunday, 18 March 2012

Goal List Week Commencing 18th March 2012


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Okay, firstly, I'm trying to be more efficient and post my Goal list on a Sunday evening, we'll see how I manage. Here's what I did last week.

A to Z Challenge - I wrote one post ready for April, doesn't sound much I know!

200 Word Challenge - Yes, about twenty minutes before I needed it for my group meeting, however allocating time this way seems to motivate me.

Walk - No, I'm rubbish!

I did however, rewrite a chapter of my novel manuscript which I had stalled on the previous week. Having thought more about it, I know what I have to do, its just a case of applying myself. And getting some decent rest. I've not been sleeping very well for a long time. I think it catches up with you in the end.

Also planned, and managed the writers group meeting again this week. My stint will be over a the end of the month. Its been interesting, although planning is key beforehand. It doesn't come around too often, we share the year between us. Usually I do a month, that's all, and afterwards I can return to just turning up with my pen. And a manuscript for critique obviously.

The week ahead.

Draft 2 - Continue to rewrite.

A to Z Challenge - Plan more of my posts. Try and write a few, as April is drawing closer and I'll end up in a panic as I have some busy days coming up when I really need some pre-written.

Eat cake - At least once this week, its my guilty pleasure. I know, I know, too much cake is unhealthy but it tastes so good.

200 Word Challenge - A good one this week, 'Every Picture Tells A Story' We all have a black and white picture, the brief is simply to write 200 words.

Walk - I have to try harder to get back into the swing of walking regularly. I need a plan, and shall be working on that this week.


  1. Thanks for the A-Z reminder. I read your goal and then checked the date - you're right, April's getting close!

  2. Annalisa - It'll be on us before we know it! I'm looking forward to reading other people's blogs, and seeing what they come up with during the challenge.

  3. Ah, good old Blogger... excluding us wordpress imps... Oh, by the way, good luck with the alphabetti blogetti. Sounds fun!

  4. My A to Z preparations are on my ToDo list as well but then so is a lot of stuff. Don't be too hard on yourself about the walking. It was horrible here last week! Maybe this week will be nicer.

  5. I considered doing the A-Z challenge and decided I just wasn't up to blogging every day. I'm looking forward to reading yours and others', though!

    And good work on the cake: I'm the same way with wine. Small pleasures in moderation are good for the soul!

  6. Floppybootstomp - Hello, and welcome, and yes the blogging challenge is looming over my head. I'm both excited, and a little apprehensive.

    Rosalind - I can't make that excuse this week.

    Cheryl - I think there will be lots of small pleasures during the blogging challenge. Thanks for dropping in...


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