Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Goal List Week Commencing 4th March 2012

Here is the plan for the week, but first a recap on the last week.                                                                                                                      
Blog written for someone else - Done, and here it is on Fifty Fifty Festivals blog.
200 Word Flash Fiction - Done for Saturday Phoenix Writing Group
London Trip - Enjoyed! Read about it here
I'm late posting this list, its been hectic, but this is the plan before I reach Sunday.
Second Draft - Continue re-writing.
Blog - Write five new posts
Help another writer - Writing buddy needs help to create a blog
200 word challenge - Phoenix Writers group homework
Seek out somewhere to walk and relax - Do it!
Afternoon Tea - Time I did this again.
What about your goals? How are they looking? Have you broken the back of the list yet?


  1. A plan is a plan... But it's always a good place to start... Happy writing!

  2. Michael - I am getting better by making them more attainable, and trying to stick to following the list!

    Pat - I felt I was wasting so much time, at least I can look back and see what I've done now.

  3. You make me smile. You go girl! x

  4. If only I had broken their backs. My goals are likely to break my back first. I think this goal 'marking' is an excellent idea.

  5. Yes, marking out what I'm doing is helpful, however it is now Friday teatime and I have two on the list to complete by the end of tomorrow!

    No pressure - one involves cake!

  6. You're doing great! Keep writing. :)


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