Sunday, 18 March 2012

Its Good To Push Yourself - Isn't It?

Yesterday, I spent an enjoyable few hours with friends at the Phoenix Writers Group. It was a lively meeting, a chance to read our work to each other and give and receive constructive feedback.
The members of the group vary in age, ability and what they write. We are poets, novelists, short story writers and genres vary from science fiction to WW2, including paranormal, crime and general fiction.

I'm currently chairing the meetings, its an experience I mostly enjoy, although it means I have to be very organised, its not just a case of turning up with my pen. There are email reminders to be sent out early each week about the theme for the week, and anything else the writers need to know. I didn't mention the weekly challenge did I?

More like Chairs choice, I've been setting a different exercise each week, a 200 word challenge. Last week, we wrote about an ordinary object we owned, we described it and then had to start the beginnings of a story The results were amazing and the group commented that they had enjoyed doing it.

This week, because our meeting fell on St Patrick's day, I set them the challenge of producing something that involved the Irish, or Ireland. There was mumbling, and  moaning about how difficult it had been to come up with something. Yet they all did, and in fact the pieces of writing produced were each varied and interesting, and several will make excellent longer pieces.

Its good to push yourself - isn't it?


  1. Sounds like it was a great meeting yesterday; still gutted I had to miss it.
    I think it will be easier once I'm on leave since I'll get more rest the day before. Looking forward to coming back more regularly until I can't at all!

  2. Yes, it's good to push ourselves sometimes.

  3. Leah - You need to rest, we totally understand. And yes, the meeting was fun, you were missed!

    Patsy - You are a good role model.

  4. I'd probably freeze - I really on my 'muse' far too much, and he much prefers to be at the pub than in my head!

  5. Grear job chairing, Maria. Did the job last month and it is a bit like herding cats! Although I do enjoy it. And your St. Patrick's day challenge pushed me to this:

    So I am grateful!


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