Monday, 2 April 2012

B is for Bamboozle

 ‘We’ll find it.’ Barry smiled down at the elderly woman on her hands and knees. ‘Let me help you up,’ he said grasping her arm, and gently pulling her onto her feet. They’d met, minutes earlier, when he’d checked her entrance ticket into the art gallery. Mrs Collins he recalled.  Then she’d dropped something on the floor.

    ‘You don’t understand, my husband gave it to me,’ she whispered.

    ‘Come and sit down,’ he said. She smelt of Lily of the Valley, it reminded him of his late grandmother. God rest her soul. He led the woman over to an ornate chair, brushed aside the notice declaring “DO NOT SIT” and patted the seat. Mrs Collins sat, a gloved hand shielding her eyes.

    ‘It means so much to me,’ she sobbed. ‘My Ernest gave it to me.’

    ‘What are we looking for?’ said Barry.

    ‘My beautiful ring of course - my emerald. Barry searched the chequer board floor of the gallery. Lifting the brocade cloth he peered beneath the table, running a calloused hand across cool marble. Completely oblivious to Mr Collins, who was busy stealing the Pablo Picasso.              


  1. Ha! That was hilarious! I was waiting for her to pick his pocket, but stealing the painting was better! Great B post. :)

  2. It reminds me of the distraction technique used in the 'Real Hustle'. Good post ! Good luck for the rest of the challenge - hope to read more :)

  3. You got me there,I was ready for a sad story. Very clever.

  4. That was a fun bit of flash :) Thank you for sharing.

  5. Bamboozle is just the coolest word! Nice excerpt!

    Welcome to the Challenge!



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