Saturday, 7 April 2012

G is for Getaway

Sometimes, we need to take a break from writing. Stop what we're doing and recharge our batteries. You'll know what I mean, if you've been sitting in that seat for hours on end. Your poor back is aching, along with your shoulders, and your neck, and those eyes are stinging from staring at the screen for so long. On top of all this, your muse has deserted you. Got up and walked out on you. Your brain feels fuzzy, and you can't think straight any more.

Its time to getaway. Go outside, and get some fresh air if you can. There is nothing like it after your brain has been busy for hours trying to work out what happens next in your story. Or perhaps you are in the thick of a major edit? Killing off your darlings, fretting over how much to cut, or what to cut and what to leave in the story.

My favourite getaway is a walk, and if its daylight, visual distractions are doubly good. They give my brain something new and interesting to think about. If its dark, then I focus on breathing in the fresh air, listening and striding out.

Half an hour usually does the trick, often I'll go back to my desk able to work out what I want to write next. What do you do when you need a break? How do you recharge?


There is no A to Z Challenge post on Sunday, although I'll be posting my Goal list as usual. The challenge posts will be back on Monday with the letter H, and on that note, I'll finish my first week of posts with songs from the movie Grease.

Have a good Easter, HAPPY SATURDAY!


  1. I recharge by walking around my neighbourhood and admiring the scenes of nature.

    Eating a Magnum also works very well!

    This is me, Duncan D. Horne, visiting you from the A-Z challenge, wishing you all the best throughout April and beyond.

    Duncan In Kuantan

  2. Great concept for a blog. I'm glad I called in to the Cafe.

  3. I love walking, too. There's nothing like a walk on the hill or along the beach to blow away the cobwebs - especially in this weather.

  4. To recharge I like to go out, move, take a walk. Do something. If it's late or raining I watch Spongebob. Getaway to the sea!

  5. Doing a bit of gardening and just a change of room works for me sometimes. It is good to have a break though.

  6. That's definitely something I need to do more. I'm always so busy with my story that I forget to recharge until it's too late.

  7. Oh I couldn’t agree with you more – sadly let my passport lapse (foolish really – as this morning I dispatched my nieces off to Germany to see my family. To think I could have gone with them, next time…

  8. Love the Grease. I take a run or work in the yard. In the winter I sometimes go bake something. So I either burn calories or intake some to refire the muse.

  9. Excellent post. And so true. I find that I need other stimulation--usually visual, or talking, or reading-- anything that forces me to disengage my mind from my writing. Good post. First time here--visiting from A to Z. :-)

  10. try a getaway in the Philippines
    its more fun here in
    do check out my G at GAC a-z

  11. Duncan - Sounds wonderful, both admiring the nature and chomping on a Magnum.

    Fiona - Thank you for dropping in.

    Gail - I wish I lived nearer the sea some days. A walk on the beach has a certain appeal.

    Bethie - Never seen Spongebob!


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