Sunday, 22 April 2012

Goal List - Week Commencing 22nd April 2012

The weeks seem to fly by at an alarming rate - here we are again, its time for an update.

A to Z Challenge  - Managed to keep on track producing a fresh post each day.

Make A Plan - Not quite got there yet, I've jotted a few things down so far.

Walking - I got out a couple of times.

100 Words Flash Fiction Challenge - Failed this week, probably because I'm lacking sleep! I had good intentions to do it, but somehow ran out of time.

As well as the above list, I helped hatch a plan for an up and coming workshop at the writers group, which I also attended yesterday. Read some more of my first draft, and got a fair, and valuable critique.

And so to the week ahead.

A to Z Challenge - Several more posts to write this week before it ends.

2nd Draft - Back to rewriting another chapter.

100 Words Flash Fiction Challenge  - We were given a picture with a question we must answer by way of sending a letter.

Sleep - I need to catch up.

Its a short list this week, hopefully I can report back next week with results.

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