Sunday, 29 April 2012

Goal List - Week Commencing 29th April 2012

Another week has passed in a flash, here's what I managed to tick off the list.

A to Z Challenge - More posts written, and lots of other challengers blogs visited too. Some very good stuff out there. You can visit too, by clicking on any of the blog links to the right of this page. Everyone of us is taking part in the challenge.

2nd Draft - Failed miserably here. I simply had no energy left over to do it justice.

100 Word Flash Fiction Challenge - Completed, and read out at the group yesterday morning.

Sleep - I've not done very well this week, I've had a mixture of sleepless or broken nights.

Here are my intentions for the week ahead.

A to Z Challenge - One post left to do!

Blog - I will be returning to my usual three posts a week. Happy Saturday, a musical topic, the Goal List on Sunday, and a mid week post on a topic of my choice. I've also agreed to write a guest post for Phoenix Writers Group, so plenty to do!

Rest and Recover -I'm giving myself some much needed rest this week. I'll let you know how it goes.

100 Words Flash Fiction Challenge - Another fun exercise for the writing group session at the weekend.

A simple list this week, if anyone has any tips on how I can get a decent nights sleep please leave me a comment, I'd really appreciate it.

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