Sunday, 8 April 2012

Goal List - Week Commencing 8th April 2012

What a week! Okay, lets get down to it with a quick review of what I got done.

A to Z Challenge - It started on April 1st, and boy has it been a challenge so far. Not so much writing the posts, although I've had a few wobbly moments finding the time each day. The bigger issue has been trying to keep up with reading other blogger's posts.

I'm aiming to read as many as I can in between writing my own posts, and its no easy task. There are hundreds! Some fabulous themes and subject matter. The links to all the A to Z challenge blog's are on the right of this page, I urge you to go visit a few. You'll be amazed at the talent and range of subjects.

Word Challenge - This was for my Saturday group, I was away the weekend before, so wasn't sure if they were meeting over the Easter break. We did, and I wrote my two hundred words very much on the hoof, over breakfast, an hour before the meeting. I was given these details as a prompt. Geoffrey Warburton, bunch of flowers, broken arm, museum and soldier. It was a fun exercise.

Draft 2 - I got another chapter rewritten and critiqued by the group yesterday. I think its a case of back to the drawing board as it didn't go down well. Lacked pace, and overly descriptive in place, amongst other things, so I need to look at it again.

Walking - I got out! An urban walk in the city yesterday, and a walkabout earlier in the week.

So, managed to get it all done. Now my plans for this week.

A to Z Challenge - It continues! Next post tomorrow.

Alt.Fiction - I'm looking forward to going to this festival in Leicester on Saturday, and possibly Sunday, its all things science fiction, fantasy and horror. Workshops, industry panels, readings from leading authors in the genre, podcasts and lots of social networking too.

Draft 2 - More rewriting!

Photography - I want to get out this week and snap some pictures.

Cake - I am looking forward to eating some cake this week. It will be done.

That's my list, now tell me what you have planned?


  1. I agree that when you blog hop you find some wonderful writing. I lost track of time reading them all!
    Plans this week:
    1. Posts for AtoZ
    2. Add at least five more new blogs.
    3. Send out at least two stories for publication.
    Of course this all is in addition to Clinic work.
    Sunday is always a great day for planning. The week feels fresh and ready to get started, for me anyway.

  2. Still on the pace Maria, which is excellent with the daily blog commitment and reads. Balanced targets for the week ahead, suggest a double asterisk against cake as a Key Work Objective..

  3. Bethie - You are going to be busy!

    Keith - I love cake! It won't be a problem I can assure you.


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