Monday, 9 April 2012

H is for Happiness

One I took earlier 

I love to write!  Regardless if it’s a blog post, or a piece of prose, I get a buzz out of writing. Not to write isn't an option, and I get grumpy if for any reason it doesn't happen. Even if it’s only a short burst, I like to get my daily fix. 

What else makes me happy? I like to wander around with my camera, spend time in the company of good friends, and relax away from everything whenever I get the opportunity. I believe these are the ingredients for happiness:

  • Doing things for others
  • Connecting with people
  • Learning new things
  • Being positive
  • Noticing the world around me
  • Taking care of myself
  • Having goals to look forward to
  • Being comfortable with who I am

What makes you happy?


  1. It looks like the things that make you happy also makes me happy too!

  2. What makes me happy is traveling and knowing I can do what I want to do when I want to do it. Happiness is a choice!

  3. That list. covers most of what makes me happy too - I'd add gardening and cooking too, oh and reading, things that are purple, eating, travel, sunshine, the sound of the sea...

  4. Cynthia - We are birds of a feather.

    Jeremy - You are so right, happiness is a choice.

    Patsy - Cooking, reading, purple, and sunshine tick my boxes too!

  5. All those things rock my boat. Most of all I like to be busy.

  6. Do you know Maria, I think I actually like your list of things to make me happy. You've hit the nail on the head. Great post.

  7. Maggie - Busy is good!

    Rebecca - I like to remind myself every now and again what makes me happy.

  8. I'd like to say something profound, but the truth is cake.

    Moody Writing
    The Funnily Enough

  9. Those are definitely good steps toward happiness! I think for me its slowing down and appreciating the life around me. My kids, husband, etc. Appreciating what I have. That makes me happy. :D

  10. Your list just about covers what makes me happy. I'd just add having a good read next to me in hardcover/paperback/or on my mini-laptop...yeah, that's some happiness.

    New follower from the A to Z blogging challenge.

    Angela B.

  11. That is a fantastic list, and one that has taken me most of my life to figure out.

  12. So many things make me happy--but writing has top all my happy hobbies:)
    Great A-Z post!

  13. You've listed a lot of good ingredients for happiness, especially the ones that deal with connecting with other people. There are a lot of things we all can enjoy in solitude, but there's something life-affirming and joyous about connecting with other people. (Especially those people who call ya "Grandma".)

  14. Yes all the things that you said and my family.

  15. Love your list! I love traveling and having fun with my family, reading, writing, teaching, singing, skiing, helping others . . . happiness is an action and a adjective.

  16. Writing, find a truly wonderful book, red wine, my husbands smile when I see him after a long day at work, Friday nights.

  17. mooderino - Very honest of you

    Lisa - Slowing down is something I need to learn how to do better.

    Angela - Reading! Pure escapism.

    L. G. Smith - Ditto!

    nutschell - Writing rules!

    Susan - I hear others say Grandchilren are a real joy.

    Cassam - Glad we agree.

    Tyrean - I forgot to add singing!

    Buffy - Amazing how good a smile can make you feel.


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