Thursday, 19 April 2012

Q is for Quality Time

The importance of quality time can't be underestimated. If you want to thrive, you need to spend time on yourself.  'Me time' is healthy, and even if you can only snatch half an hour a day, there are things you can do which will make you feel energised.

My list of Small Pleasures

Listen to music actively - I mean really listen, and enjoy every note.

Relax with a good book - Curl up, and imagine yourself somewhere else.

Go out for a walk - Brisk, and you'll feel energised. Dawdle, and you'll find your mind opening up, thoughts drifting to the surface solving problems.

Yoga - Makes you happy, and improves your posture. When you practice yoga, you breathe deeply, learn to focus and stretch away your cares.

See a movie - Lose yourself in the story.

Writing Magazine - Catch up with the latest news, views and author interviews.

Cake! - My guilty pleasure.

Get a massage - Never underestimate the power of touch. A good therapist will do all she can to make you feel totally relaxed.

Whatever I do, I make sure its time well spent. What do you do to chill out?


  1. Quality time - we all deserve it, and I think don't do it often enough. I enjoy a walk on the beach :-)

  2. excellent post! i chill out by staring blankly ahead...and, then maybe reading or watching SF tv shows :D

  3. Its finding time for the quality time, but if time - time for a good book and a glass of real ale, not necessarily in that order.

  4. Good day to you, Maria!

    Me time for me comes before anthing else; has to!

    Taking some time to just blog and get to know my followers and fellow bloggers is how I'm relaxing today!

    Great post!

  5. Chill out time for me is definitely sitting in a cafe drinking coffee and eating cake. Ideas will pop into my head. Today I did just that and wrote two story ideas plus an idea for a 10 minute exercise for my group. I also did a second draft of a short story on to the computer this morning. A very productive day. Thanks for your motivational posts Maria.

  6. Diane - I don't have a beach nearby, it sounds wonderful.

    Stephanie - Yes, I watch Fringe.

    Keith - Wish I had more reading time.

    Betty - I am enjoying blogging too! Its great to meet so many people with similar likes...

    Maggie - You're flying! You sound really organised and motivated these days. I'm so pleased.


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