Tuesday, 10 April 2012

I is for Is Anyone Out There?

Yes, there is! The blogging community, the people of the blogosphere, where friendships are made from words alone. Do you ever wonder about your blogging friends? Do you need to know what clothes they wear? What car they drive? Are you concerned that they might live many thousands of miles away? And its unlikely you'll ever meet - but does it really matter?

Its irrelevant, because its words that connect you, and the voice you have on your blog.    

I've made lots of new friends, have found folk with the same interests, and learnt loads along the way, its great fun! I can discuss the things I love to do with like-minded individuals. We swap tips, tricks and information, help each other, and generally share ideas and make each other smile.

I feel very at home, and yes its taken me a while to get used to it, and you do have to put yourself out a bit, but its very definitely worth it. The best way to make friends, is to be a friend, and that means visiting blogs and leaving comments. You'll quickly discover that people will come on over to your blog and interact with you too.

If you become a follower of their blog its so much easier, I use Google reader, which allows me to see the blogs I've subscribed to in one place, and tells me when they've been updated.

If you want a presence you have to be genuine, and I try to visit, and comment on as many blogs as I can, although sometimes it might be a week before I get there! I also try to answer everyone who leaves me a comment.

What does blogging mean to you? Tell me, lets share, by leaving a message in the comment box.


  1. Oh, yeah, it's definitely about the connections with other people. It didn't start out that way perhaps, but that's why I continue to do it. I've made some great friendships online.

  2. I have found many new friends on line as well! I'm trying to visit all the A-Z Challenge Blogs this month.

  3. I have also found that blogging is a very rewarding endeavor and I'm getting to know lots of interesting, sweet, and nice friends. Nice post!

    From Diary of a Writer in Progress

  4. Hi Maria, I've actually been fortunate enough to meet a couple of my blog readers and it was great! It really brings blogging to life and empowered me to keep going with quality posts and to hopefully meet some more of them in the future!
    My primary reason for blogging is to bring all of my readers to Kuantan for their next holiday!

    This is me, Duncan D. Horne, visiting you from the A-Z challenge, wishing you all the best throughout April and beyond.

    Duncan In Kuantan

  5. Living as I do in a small village, it's hard to meet other people with the same interests so it's be great to find lots of wonderful people who have and I've been lucky to find some live very close to me so we can meet up too.

  6. I love talking to my blogging friends on blogs and on twitter. I have only met one in the flesh so far. When I started my blog I never really thought anyone would read it and although it takes a while for people to find you , you just have to persevere. None of my real life friends write or understand about blogging and none are on twitter. It's like leading a double life. I have loved the a to z challenge but it's hard work doing posts and reading and commenting on as many posts as possible.

  7. Hi...I'm hopping over from the A to Z challenge. Lovely blog...good luck with the challenge!

    Donna L Martin

  8. L.G.Smith - I agree, making connections brings value to us all.

    Sharkbytes - I'm visiting as many as I can each day, its a massive task!

    Gina - Very rewarding...

    Duncan - Love it Duncan!

    Jarmara - A great bonus if you can meet up, I've done it myself and its fun!

    Cassam - I agree A to Z is fun, and also hard work. Keep going!

    Donna - Welcome and thank you!

  9. I don't want to spoil the party here, but I gave up my blog because although I loved it, it was beginning to take up too much time, and worse still, I was doing less of the real writing. For instance the A-Z challenge must take up so much time and although it's wonderful when you are 'tagged' or given an 'award' it meant more time away from writing. I still love to follow other bloggers, but have limited my time. Hopefully it will pay off.

  10. Maggie - I know exactly where you're coming from - I pick and choose if I accept awards, and people do understand.

    Regards it taking up WIP time, yes it can. I'm guilty of spending time blogging when I think I should be getting on with my WIP.

    I handle it by thinking of blog posts as warm up sessions and a nice distraction. Its also a record of my life, and I hope to look back on it in years to come and smile.

    The A to Z is a challenge, I have to agree. Only for a month though...I am both shocked and pleased to see how many folk are involved, but in my heart I know I can't visit every blog.

    Afterwards, I go back to posting at my usual rate, of two posts a week.
    The other thing I do, is keep them quite short.

    I admire your decision.

  11. As a writer, blogging means making connections to people who'll understand me! We must be the most prolific and supportive group of bloggers.

    I know other crafts/interests have blogs, but as writers we're disciplined enough to do it all the time, so there's always someone at the end of the keyboard if I shout 'HELP'!

  12. Great post! I often wonder if there is anyone out there too so it's lovely when someone does leave a comment. I also use Google Reader - great discovery as I could never remember the places I was supposed to visit before!

  13. I really enjoy blogging, though sadly, I find it as time-consuming as it is rewarding!!

  14. You are right, Maria...it's a place to interact, learn and encourage others along the way! I am enjoying all the challenges this A to Z contest creates. Oh, we grow as we go, too!
    Thanks for the post...

  15. Annalisa - Writers are very generous in helping each other out, its heart warming.

    Maxi - I agree!

    Anita - I feel like that too, but I can't give it up!

    Jarm Del Boccio - I'm learning loads as I go on A to Z...there are so many talented bloggers out there.

  16. Blogging helps me connect with other aspiring writers and readers! It lets me be part of a community.

  17. mmshaunakelley - I agree its good to feel part of a community.

  18. Yep, we are out there, I know what you mean, but mine blog was just for me, now I often get comments from people and try to be more informative than originally planned. I am also now beginning to link things together such as blog to website and FB and all that, eventually I will be computer compos!


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