Thursday, 12 April 2012

K is for Kedleston Hall

Kedleston Hall by Maria A Smith
Over the last few years I've visited Kedleston Hall in Derbyshire many times, and on each visit I've seen something new to pique my interest.

Situated in the south of the county, Kedleston is approximately four miles outside of the city of Derby. It is a spectacular 18th century mansion, designed by Matthew Brettingham and James Paine, with Robert Adam taking over and completing the mansion.

The National Trust property is set amongst 800 acres of fabulous parkland, and is a great location for walking, or if like me, photography is your thing, then you'll be occupied for hours. There's a wealth of subject matter all around.

A tour around the impressive rooms within the house is well worth taking, as there are not only many paintings to be admired, but lots of interesting furniture to see too. There are too many rooms to mention here, I particularly enjoyed the library (After all, I'm a writer) with its huge bookcases, and fabulous mahogany desk.

The gardens were landscaped in the 1760's as fashionable 'pleasure grounds', and there are numourous statues and features to be seen, as well as an impressive summer house.

There is also a very nice tea room, where you can rest a while, take tea, and eat their delicious cakes. You can also get an excellent cooked meal, made using fresh vegetables from the gardens, and quite often lamb which was raised at Kedleston.

Kedleston Hall by Maria A Smith
There is much to see and do. A visit is well worthwhile. I urge you to take a day out, you won't be disappointed.


  1. How impressive and inspiring. I understand why you love visiting there.

  2. I find it amazing how someone could live such a lavish life as that back in the day! Even still, hu?


    A to Z co-host<br

  3. lovely. so green and lush. and what magnificent buildings!

  4. Bethie - Its another world!

    Elizabeth - I know I can't get my head around it.

    danneromero - Green everywhere, and wide open spaces too.

    Teresa - National Trust do remarkable work with these old places.

  5. I think you should be writing their promotional literature Maria, and your photography is lovely. Been to Chatsworth as I'm originally from Sheffield, so on the doorstep, but never to Kedleston Hall.

  6. Lovely Photographs Maria. You are doing really well on this challege. Look forward to the next letter (s).

  7. Looks lovely. I would go for a visit if I could. :-)

  8. Hello... What a beautiful place.. it must be wonderful to visit it. Thank you for the really neat post! Best regards to you and yours. Ruby

  9. Maggie - I'd love to! I'm a massive fan of National Trust. They do so much good.

    I've also been to Chatsworth, another fantastic property...

    Maya - Hello, glad you made it over to the cafe...and thank you, I'm enjoying the challenge.

    Diane - Its very lovely...I took loads of pictures, and was spoilt for choice on what to post.

    Grammy - Thank you!

  10. Yes, it's a lovely place. Studied it as part of my OU course too.

    Thanks for dropping by mine.


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