Friday, 13 April 2012

L is for Love Cake!

I LOVE CAKE, I do! And if you've been reading my blog on a regular basis, you'll know I mention cake often. I'm self confessed, I simply can't get enough cakeylove.

Luckily for me, the afternoon tea revival has been brewing for quite some time now, and its not just the posh hotels serving up tiny sandwiches and jam tarts these days. New locations are popping up all the time. Around the area where I live for instance there are quaint little tea rooms in all sorts of hideaways, Often hidden within garden centres, or farm yards.

Personally,  I much prefer old-fashioned Victoria sandwich cake, to those scrumptious little cup-cakes, although they do look amazingly good, but I'll take a wedge of proper cake thank you.

The tea has to be quality too, a decent brew is very important and adds to the pleasure of the occasion. I'm rather partial to Yorkshire tea made in a teapot, warmed first with a drop of boiling water, and then left to brew. Milk should always be added afterwards. What a great British tradition it is to take tea in the afternoon.

Real cakeylove - Bliss!


  1. Ok, so now I'm going to have to bake a cake at 9:30 pm! I've never heard the term "sandwich cake" Is it a certain type of cake or one with layers?

  2. Bethie - I imagine it's so called because the two halls are sandwiched together. Hope your cake turns out well!

  3. The proper English Tea Room with quality fayre is returning, and home made Victoria Sponge still takes some beating. These places are so good for characters and writing material too. I often meander through a strong cup and wedge of cake trying to imagine their lives. It often triggers a scribble in the writers notebook, an idea for the new story and another two pounds on the scales.

  4. I love cake too. (Who doesn't?) However, I'm too old to eat it on a regular basis. If I did, I'd be as big as a house.

    Jolie du Pre
    Precious Monsters

  5. You just made my mouth water...shouldn't have skipped breakfast ^_^ And I'll have to try that with my tea (the tea pot and the milk)

  6. A woman after my own heart... *lol* if you have a slice to spare you know where to send it

  7. Keith - People watching, in tea rooms is my sort of afternoon, especially if it involves writing too.

    GLBT Promo - I understand! I need to do more exercise...

    Loralie Hall - Some tea rooms are going back to tea leaves too!

    Kay - Sadly, I don't bake. No time with writing etc,


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