Saturday, 14 April 2012

M is for Music Saturday

Scientists report listening to music is good for us, apparently the brain releases Dopamine, a feel-good chemical, which motivates us. Making it addictive, so that the more we listen, the happier we are too. Music can be powerful, and also put your feelings into words, when you are struggling with your emotions.

I enjoy listening to music in different ways, but its mainly on my IPod, in the car, or while I'm cooking in the kitchen.

If I'm out taking a brisk power walk I want something like this to pound the pavements. A tune that motivates and energises. Enjoy Radar Love, by Golden Earring.

If I'm chilling out in the evening, relaxing, with a drink in my hand, I want something soothing like...Katy Melula

If I'm settling down to a long writing session then I want...Mozart! I'm fairly new to Mr Mozart, its quite unbelievable that he composed over 600 works in his short lifetime. 

Or Hans Zimmer

We're all different though, and this list won't suit tell me what you're listening to today? Or which tunes motivate you?

Happy Saturday!

There is no A to Z challenge post tomorrow, as Sunday has been deemed a day of rest. However, I'll be posting my Goals as usual.


  1. Radar Love!!!! Great work out song. I listen to music when I'm cooking too.

  2. I enjoy a nice, wide variety of music. Today, it was Tracy Chapman... I wanted a bit of deep voiced soulful sound and didn't want to spend any time looking for new music :-)

  3. Yeah, when I'm working out on the treadmill I tend to go back to eighties music to get me motivated to move. Otherwise, I listen to music (some actually from this decade) while I drive or do housework.

  4. Music is very important to well being. It can calm a situation, inspire us, make us forget or remember. It's why we use it in relaxation techniques, guided imagry, etc...
    My i-pod looks pretty schizophrenic.

  5. What a wonderful and eclectic mix. I love music, the more varied the better :-)

  6. I've always like Mozart. Lately I am in love with a young opera singer who sang on Britain's Got Talent---Jonathan Antoine. He makes me cry.

  7. I have always liked Mozart. These are some great music choices.

  8. All of that music, awesome - nothing beats Radar Love for a long ride in a hot car. You know what? I finally opened an iTunes account this week to buy a song I heard on American Idol - Someone I Used To Know - of course I got it by the original artist - but talk about love at first hearing - as soon as it began I was head over heels.


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