Saturday, 21 April 2012

S is for Submissions

How many of you writerly types are regularly submitting your work to writing competitions or publications? I'm terribly bad at it, and could really do with some tips, and tricks on getting my work out there.

Do you schedule it? Decide every month or week how many pieces of work you'll send out? How do you research where you'll send your writing? I know of some writers who only target magazines, or competitions that will bring value to their work. Others who will enter or submit anything anywhere, like letters to their local paper, or writing slogans, uncaring if they win a useless bit of gadgetry or a cash prize. Its about practising, and flexing their writing muscles. Or satisfying their egos. More the taking part than the winning.

In the past, I've entered local writing competitions, usually submitting poems or short stories, although I'm very fond of shorter flash fiction competitions these days. I've subbed the odd article, but really I've been very lazy. I should try harder, because its good practise, and disciplines you to write within strict guidelines.

How do you do it then? Or aren't you in it for the fame, and the glory? Or do you write purely for the pleasure?

While you're thinking about it, here's a feel good song for Saturday.

Have a great day! No A to Z challenge post tomorrow. We get Sundays off to rest and recover.


  1. I’ve promised myself that May is to be my submissions month! Join me & I will nudge you along gently. It is one way to make me review my work & just do it. I've stopped worrying whether it works or not because if I don’t enter I will never know.

    Just like the lottery: you have to be in it to win it!

    Don’t do the lottery so that shows how I may have veered off course…

  2. I love entering competitions. I scan web sites that list them, then I... erm (am I actually going to admit this?) then I put them all onto a database, and organise which stories to send out so they won't overlap another comp... I don't know why I love competition so much, maybe I'm addicted to the crushing lows when I realise I haven't even been shortlisted?

    I'm less good at submitting to publications.

  3. I always have great intentions about submitting to writing competitions, but usually forget about them until after the deadline!

    Funnily enough I came across one this morning from and that deadline is 30 June 2012.

  4. I'm in it for the love and not the money, so I tend to turn my group's set homework into a story that I can send to a magazine. Obviously that doesn't always apply. I have started to regularly enter the 250 word free competition in Writing magazine. I used to enter more competitions, but it can become expensive, especially if you don't win.

    I probably send off one story a month as well as any free competitions I can find.

  5. I haven't submitted to competitions for quite some time. But I would focus on competitions/contests mostly geared toward my genre. I have submitted to the Writers Digest competition before but that was just weird lol!!!

    Also, if there are conferences of interest that have contests, you may look into those as well.

  6. Great post Maria one that gets us all thinking. I personally go through peeks and troughs with submissions. I go through what I call mamouth submissions then nothing for a while, which is bad I know. I do make plans and lists of who I am going to submit to as it keeps the focus for me personally.

    Anyway hope you are enjoying your day off, look forward to the forthcoming letters.

  7. I've not submitted anything for yonks! It makes me feel terrible really, since I have lots of stuff that is ready to go; shorter pieces of flash and short stories.
    I think I need to give myself the nudge to the do it. In fact, it may well be the case that I do lots of that instead of writing when I start running low on time (and sleep).

  8. One place I've found helpful for submissions is Duotrope
    I'm a sumbission slacker, though.


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