Wednesday, 25 April 2012

V is for Value

We live in turbulent financial times, people seem more concerned about getting the most out of every aspect of their daily lives. Writers are no exception, we're also looking for value too.

Apart from writing good quality content, how can you bring real value to your writing? I've been thinking about this topic for a while. It all depends on what you value.

Personally, a good writing friend is high on my list. Someone who will read my work, detect any errors and point me in the right direction if something isn't working. Someone to motivate me and assist me to reach my goals. An accountability partner.

Before I begin writing, there are some things I do to create a motivational  atmosphere.

I make sure I'm comfortable, not too hot, and not too cold. I'll choose music from the IPod, to listen to in the background, while I work. Sitting comfortably is another must. Sometimes I'm at my desk, otherwise you'll find me with my feet up and my laptop on my knee.

Taking breaks is top priority, you have to get away from your desk to allow your mind to wander. I enjoy a walk weather permitting, and if that's out of the question, I'll stroll around the house doing small tasks like emptying waste bins, or loading the washing machine. Then, I'll return to the task with new energy. After I've had a cup of tea of course.

What brings value to your writing?


  1. Great post :) For me, what brings value to my writing is this kind of intangible thing- when I write, I'm often unraveling whatever issues I'm working through at that moment. I find it's a good outlet for my mind-soul-psyche-whatever to work out the kinks. If I've had a bad day, I put that emotion on the page, maybe it's a fight scene, maybe a big conflict, or emotional dilema (and if I have a good day, if I'm questioning the world/society/etc, the list is endless). For me this equates to value, because the emotions I am communicating to my reader are things that everyone experiences at some point in their life- and I think this makes the story feel real, even if it is set in a fantastical world. I read to escape, but it is also cathartic to see the main character of a story dealing with issues that are real to me.

  2. Hi Maria. I think what you do it tops. Sometimes you have to just step away. I think that a walk brings a fresh mind to my work upon my return. And a cup of tea, or taking a break to read works, too. And your mention of a good writing partner? I recently found a wonderful critique partner. Words can't say enough. :-) Good post. We do have find ways to bring value to our writing.

  3. Value for me comes from caring about what I'm writing. Even if it's a challenge or assignment, I try to find an angle that I'm interested in. And then I find music to fit the mood I want to create in my story. Thanks for sharing yours.

  4. Kay - I read and write to escape.

    Teresa - A good writing partner is worth a great deal.

    Bethie - I agree you have to care about what you write.


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