Friday, 27 April 2012

X – Xenodocheionology

My goodness what a big word we have today, as we draw towards the end of the A to Z challenge. So what exactly is Xenodocheionology, and what does it mean?
According to the dictionary, its a 'love of hotels' and I'm definitely  a fan, I like hotels for lots of reasons. Of course its great if you can get a really good deal on a weekend stay, and even better if it has a lovely spa with a swimming pool and a jacuzzi! Many do, operating fully equipped gyms, and a range of exercise classes too.
These days hotels aren't just in the business of  selling overnight accommodation. Many have Costa or Starbucks coffee shops within their premises. With comfy sofas, and stylish surroundings. Fabulous meeting places for writers to hold critique sessions or networking events. Or just to sit and chill out, and enjoy the company of like-minded individuals. Or go alone and people cake! Scribble some words down in your journal, or notebook.
Many now have free wifi, making getting on the internet a doddle if you need to post to your blog, or research facts for your WIP.
Many hotels will hire out a meeting room, if you want to hold a workshop for the day, and will serve drinks, and lunch for a reasonable cost if you speak to the right person. Don't be put off by the big chains, they will often discount a room on the strength of meal orders.
These days hotels are mostly well managed and highly regulated. The management are friendly and welcoming, and they are often well placed, and near to major road networks for ease of travel,  so if you're stuck for somewhere to meet your friends, why not suggest a hotel for a change.


  1. Hello Maria - yes, that sure is a big word. I was thinking 'medical condition' before I read your post. :-)

  2. The love of hotels has a very interesting name. Then again, most X words are pretty interesting.

  3. Hey Maria, it certainly is a great word, and I did this for my "X" post in last year's challenge! I'm a hotel-lover too!
    Duncan In Kuantan

  4. What I love most about this post is that there's a word for loving hotels!

    I agree about the spa - if there's a massage available I'm in heaven!

  5. Hey! You make an excellent case for using hotels. I love them, but I couldn't afford to stay in one any more. Sigh! Blog on!

  6. Stopping in from the A to Z Challenge to say hello! I'm starting to develop a phobia of hotels because of the specials on TV showing how dirty the sheets, blankets, and carpets are. I now travel with my own pillow and sheet.

  7. Who knew the love of hotels had its own word - and such a crazy looking one at that!

    I like getting away every once in a while, but I do get very nervous about cleanliness.

  8. Wow, that was word and a half! I love hotels. Don't get to stay in them very often, but do enjoy a change of environment they offer.

  9. Never heard of this word but love to stay in hotels when I can afford it.

  10. Hotels are great places to chill and get away. Great material for the writer. Sit on one of those 'swallow you up settees' and watch a hundred stories and characters pass by.

  11. Diane - I also thought medical condition before I knew better.

    Angela Brown - Yes, there are so few X words.

    Duncan - Fancy that, we both love hotels!

    Annalisa - You can't beat a good massage, I'm well overdue for one.

    Francene - I rarely stay in them these days. I'm just a passing visitor.

    Stephen - Glad I don't watch much TV

    Jocelyn - Cleanliness is next to Godliness, so they say...

    Glynis - Change of environment is always good for us.

    Cassam - Lovely when we get the opportunity.

    Keith - Yes, an ideas factory for sure, not to mention usually very good coffee.


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