Saturday, 28 April 2012

Y is for Yoga

I started practising yoga fifteen months ago upon the advice of my Doctor. I suffer from sciatica, and have two prolapsed discs in my back, they give me severe pain from time to time. He recommended I strengthen my core muscles. I've tried everything to relieve the pain in the past! However, since beginning yoga practise I've felt fitter, more energetic, happier and calmer. My back is much better too.

Yoga is a technique of self-awareness that merges both body and mind, and in today's busy world, we all need space in our heads, and time out from our busy lives. Yoga is the ideal, and I was given good advice from the outset.

Breathing awareness is probably the most important aspect of yoga, and I was lucky to be told this early on, in fact, I was told not to worry about the poses, as they would come later. How right that advice proved to be!
Correct abdominal breathing is at the heart of meditation, Buddhists, and Hindus believe it not only induces peace of mind, but also encourages physical and mental health.

My own breathing has become smoother and deeper with practise, and I find it easier to focus these days. This in turn has allowed me time to concentrate on the postures. I'm not very bendy. The poses were difficult for me, but yoga is something you do at your own pace. Forget about what everyone around you is doing, in fact, forget they are there at all, your body will learn the stretches. It memorises them, and after time you find you can stretch much further than you thought possible.  I have a long way to go, and if you decide to try yoga, I recommend you start slow, and don't expect to be able to do all the postures for a while. They will come eventually, although you'll find it hard to believe when you get started.

The benefits are immense, and include increased flexibility, sharpened concentration, yoga also refreshes the body by relieving muscle strain, as well as making you more sensitive to your own true needs, and toning your body. Its a great form of exercise. If you haven't already, then maybe give it a try, it really does make you feel better!

As its Saturday, I always like to lighten the mood, and have some music on the blog. Here is a song which makes me feel happy every time I hear it.

Happy Saturday!

No A to Z challenge post tomorrow, its a rest day. I'll be posting my Goal list instead, then back on Monday, for the final letter, and the last post of the challenge..


  1. Love it--yoga, post, & song! I also found the benefits of yoga, unfortunately, due some traumatic experiences which caused tremendous weight gain, I have found it hard to get back into my practice. Thank you for the encouraging words to start out with breathing. :) Nice to find you through A-Z challenge!

  2. I am not very bendy, either. And my back hurts sometimes due to injury from a car wreck. Perhaps I should try yoga. Stopping by from A to Z

  3. Hi Maria, I started going to an Ashtanga yoga class a few weeks ago. I feel amazing afterwards, relaxed and as though every muscle has been stretched.

  4. Maybe I should talk to my husband about yoga. He has a couple bulging discs. Maybe it would help him.

  5. I really need to start yoga. Sounds like it would be beneficial.

  6. FeFiFo - Yes, start with breathing right and you'll soon feel the benefits

    (mymoonlog)Thank you!

    soggy in the corner - Give it a go, I persevered and its worth it.

  7. Maybe I should give it a go again. Love your song choice.

  8. Cassam - Yes, I love that song.


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