Monday, 30 April 2012

Z is for Zest and Ziggy Stardust

I'm writing with zest and loving every minute of it, from taking part in the A to Z Challenge, penning short 100 word flash fiction stories, to writing my novel. You have to write with love, and enthusiasm, and it has to be fun, otherwise why bother?

What you need is a mental toughness, perseverance and a gritty determination to succeed at whatever writing project you're working on, and mental toughness is like willpower, and self-regulation, its something that takes practise and grows stronger with use, but it can also be totally exhausting.

To write, you have to first create and visualise things in your mind, and I've really enjoyed writing everyday for this challenge, however, alongside it I've been trying to keep up with the novel, which has been almost impossible. Now, I'm tired. I need to rest a while, and then come back full of enthusiasm and renewed energy.

I'll be spending the rest of this year getting the novel finished. I feel optimistic, and I'm learning I need to take a chance with my writing, otherwise nothing will ever change. I'm applying the three C's of life rules, choices, chances and changes. You need to make a choice to take a chance, or life will never change. Its simple really. Do what feels right!

This post is supposed to be about zest, and it is! I have great enthusiasm and energy, and excitement about what the future holds. And my new mantra, which I am going to put up on my screen is...

"Anything is Possible"

This is my final post of the A to Z challenge, its been an experience, I have made new friends, visited some great blog's, and mostly enjoyed writing a new post everyday. I say mostly, because I'd be fibbing otherwise if I didn't add, the tiredness has been difficult. I'd like to thank my readers for dropping by and leaving  comments. I really appreciate your time.

I promised you Ziggy Stardust sung by David Bowie. Who better to play us out. Enjoy!


  1. Anything is possible. I should say that more often.

    Ziggy Stardust--thanks for the video!

    You're the first Z post I've come across. It's still the 29th where I am.

  2. Yep, it's been a great challenge, but I'm worn out. I'll be taking a break too so I can get caught up on writing and reading. It's was good to connect with you. Catch up with you more later.

  3. I loved this, thank you. Also huge Bowie fan, so thank you for that too.
    I'm starting a huge dive back into my writing - so your post hit home for me. Good luck & happiness with yours! Jayne

  4. Well done for getting there Maria and for sticking with it. Your posts have been educational as well as enjoyable. Now give yourself some time off, re-charge the batteries and good luck with the novel.

  5. Well done on reaching the end, now to return to my w.i.p. or the children I'm writing for will be grandmothers before I finish!

  6. Good job on finishing the challenge!

  7. I loved this post! What an awesome song to end the challenge--great selection! And you're right--zest is a requirement for writing... and for living :) Thanks for sharing, and glad I found you!

  8. Bowie is one of the best!

    Congratulations on finishing the challenge.

  9. This was my first time doing the challenge and I'm so glad that I got to read your blog entries. Congratulations on making it to "z" end! Visit sometime!

  10. Well done on finishing I think we all need a rest to get some of our zest back. I was going to post Ziggy singing Starman but changed it for a compilation of 70's songs. I've enjoyed your posts.

  11. You made the A-Z! Awesome stuff, Maria. And, as usual, quality from start to finish

  12. Glad to teach you about Cajun music! It was fun, but now I have to scream. Ha. I didn't make it to everyone, but loved every blog I made it to.
    Look forward to keeping up with your posts, especially the weekly goals. They encourage me.

  13. Theresa - We should all say it more often.

    L.G Smith - Yep! I'm in recovery too...

    Jayne - Thank you! I think a few of us are heading back to our writing projects.

    Maggie - Thanks for your support Maggie!

    Carole Anne Carr - Its been an adventure...

    Ruth - Thank you.

    Guilie - I very much like Bowie, was a massive fan back in the day!

    Annalisa Crawford - He is indeed.

    Diane Weidenbenner - My first time too, we did good!

    Cassam - Thank you, I've enjoyed reading your posts too.

    floppybootstomp - Its been fun, you should try it sometime...

  14. Great z post. Zest is a great word and I love Bowie.

    Congrats on finishing A to Z.

  15. Such good advice and so simply put: "You need to make a choice to take a chance, or life will never change" - posting that in a prominent spot in my house!

  16. Medeia - Thank you!

    Margo - Its a great slogan isn't it just...

    Bethie - I'm so glad you feel motivated, and I'll be coming over to see what goals you make too.

  17. Congratulations Maria on a fantastic journey. You have kept on the pace from 'A' right through to 'Z'. Enjoyed every post. Now for your novel!


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