Saturday, 5 May 2012

Happy Saturday - Simple Things - Paolo Nutini

I love this song from Paolo Nutini, its so upbeat, and conveys a fabulous message. Very much how I feel about life.

'It's the simple things that mean the most to me.'

Its the on-going small gestures which can mean so much, simple pleasures on a regular basis can lift the spirits, and make life more joyful and satisfying.

Here's a few little things that make me smile, and gladden my heart.

Soaking in a hot jacuzzi tub - I love relaxing in the warm water.

Being creative - Writing down words, creating characters, breathing life into them, and accompanying them on a journey.

Reading - Spending time with a good book.

Holding hands - There's something very special , intimate and meaningful about touch. That feeling when someone takes your hand in theirs.

Cake - Delicious and yummy, what more do I need to say.

Music - Listening to music will lift your mood, make you more optimistic, joyful, and relaxed.

Kindness - Performing a small random act of kindness will make you feel uplifted and give you good vibes about the world around you.

What small pleasures make you happy?


  1. At my age the world narrows, but one of my pleasures is buying more and more books!

  2. I dropped my iPhone in a jacuzzi last week. It was a $700 mistake. Bleh. I still like hot tubs.

  3. I agree with everyone of those things. I'd have to add sitting by the sea/a river too!

  4. Some good things there Maria....also like Annalisa's sitting by the sea.
    I would add gardening.

    ...seeing something so pretty...or so tasty growing that I've planted. Especially peas - there is nothing like the taste of hoem grown peas straight from the pod!

  5. Carole - I bet there are many small pleasures really :-) Reading is fabulous escapism.

    Michael - Oh no! Not good, I just got an IPhone, I love it...will keep it away from water, they are VERY expensive here in the UK.

    Annalisa - Yes, good one!

    Thinking of the days - It's years since I tasted a pea freshly picked from the pod, but you never forget that fresh yummy taste on the tongue.

  6. That's a great list of small pleasures, Maria and I agree. Can't remember the last time music failed to lift and cheer me. Or when a good piece of cake couldn't do the same. ^_^

  7. I like to link music to stuff I do, including when I'm writing, and walking...


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