Saturday, 12 May 2012

Happy Saturday

Three of the best for Saturday.     


A day off for many of us, and a chance to spend time doing things we enjoy. I'm taking it easy today, and thought I'd remind myself of some of the great films I've watched over the years.


In all three films, there is great chemistry between the actors. 

Watch and enjoy!


  1. Some wonderful memories, didn't see Sliding Doors, must do so.

  2. Fantastic selection. Sliding Doors is my all-time favourite films. But I love Unchained Melody.

  3. I haven't seen "Sliding Doors", but I've seen the other two. I think I enjoyed Pretty Woman the most. Ghost was kinda heavy handed, but the paranormal aspect was treated with awsomeness...especially when the shadows lengthened to carry bad people away.

  4. Carole - Think you'll enjoy it.

    Annalisa - Yep! Its high on my A list too.

    Michael - I agree the paranormal scenes were brilliantly handled for the year it was made - think if they did it again now, it would be so cool!

  5. I loved Ghost and Sliding Doors - but have never seen Pretty Woman. I really must get round to that x

  6. Pretty Woman is my favourite film of all time. Ghost is a close second, but only if I feel in the mood for a good cry!


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