Sunday, 10 June 2012

Goal List Week Commencing 10th June 2012

Another seven days have whizzed by in a flash! Perhaps something to do with having a few days holiday earlier in the week. This is how it panned out for me.

Walk - Really pleased with myself this week. I got out and about, and had some really long walks. Took lots of pictures too! Definitely feel more alive for the effort.

Write - Something, anything was what I said. I can report I got loads more done than usual. I started the week planning a list of all the blog posts I wanted to write this month. It took me around half an hour to decide, then whilst out walking, I thought out the content of four of those posts, and by Tuesday evening I had three of them written.

Read - I didn't get around to reading those anthologies on the Kindle, however Writing Magazine kept me busy, and motivated. Some good articles this month.

Additionally, I've worked on my photography, preparing pictures to go with my blog posts. I'm happy to report this last week has been one of my most productive for some time, and I've really enjoyed it too!

The next seven days.

Cooking - Yes, cooking - it may surprise you that I enjoy to cook, as well as my other interests in life. I'm having some friends over for a meal later in the week so I will be planning the menu, and cooking it on Saturday evening.

Cake - As you know, I love cake, but, I'm a little stuck in a rut with my choices. So this week, I will break away from Victoria Sandwich and freshly baked scones, carrot cake will have to stand down too, and I'll try to be more adventurous. I've found a fantastic 'cake venue' and I've a good hit list of others. Watch this space. Of course there will be lashings of tea to accompany the cake!

Yoga - I must get back into it this week. Being away this last week has  meant I've missed a couple of classes. Although I did a lot of the poses first thing in the mornings to keep my back in check.

Writing - Goes without saying - I shall be writing. I'm returning to my novel draft. I want at least another chapter re-written. Apart from that, there will be a few more blog posts, and I have an assignment to write for my critique group meeting on Saturday. I will be busy.

Walking - Totally motivated after the last week, and intend to keep going with as much as I can manage. Three sessions pencilled into the diary. Can only have cake if I walk.

That's it! The list is written.

I can do this! So can you. Tell me what you did last week? And what your goals are for the week ahead?

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