Sunday, 17 June 2012

Goal List Week Commencing 17th June 2012

Maria A Smith

Last week started out well, and continued productively until Thursday afternoon when I had a tooth removed. I knew it would slow me down but unfortunately the pain afterwards has been far worse than I ever envisaged.  I've been climbing the walls for the last three days!

Here's how things ended up last week.

Cooking - My friends came to dinner on Saturday evening, I cooked a salmon dish, the starter and pudding were both courtesy of the Tesco Finest range in the end. I was just too unwell yesterday to make everything myself. We had a pleasant evening, and I don't think my friends were too bothered that I hadn't slaved over a hot stove on their behalf.

Cake - I tried Lemon cake this week in my quest to be more adventurous. However, I lapsed and found myself returning to scoffing scones with jam and cream before too long. It was a good week for cake!

Yoga - Maybe I need a change, all I know is I didn't enjoy my yoga session very much. It was hard work, and I really wasn't motivated. I'm not sure what to do. Should I take a break? Or find a new class?

Writing - I re-wrote the chapter, and had it critiqued. It needs more work. Blog posts were written, but the assignment for my critique group didn't materialise due to feeling unwell.

Walking - Managed my three sessions.

I also played around with some of the images I've captured over the last few weeks, including the one for this post.

The week ahead then.

Writing - I'll be writing three monologues for a new project over the next few weeks, so I need to think about content. I'll also write another chapter of my novel.

Reading - Hoping to make a return to novels this week in a bid to relax, and lose myself in a good story. Any recommendations?

Relaxation - Big effort required here. I have ideas. A few hours at the spa, relaxing in the jacuzzi would be wonderful, or a long walk, or just some decent sleep!

What plans have you got for the week ahead? Remember - Its a dream until you write it down, and then its a goal.


  1. you don't love lemon cake---side note--starbucks has the best iced lemon pound cake, i have ever tasted----i don't really have any particular writing plans this week---i hope your dental stuff is all good now :)

  2. Hi Lynn, I'm a Costa girl myself, however next time I visit a Starbucks, I'll try and remember the Lemon cake.

    I've been back to the dentist this afternoon, he has given me antibiotics, hopefully I will get some relief from the pain now.

  3. Sounds like you're doing great! As for yoga, maybe a change of class would do good. I get the same way about exercising. When I manage to do it! I hope your mouth feels better soon.

  4. Hi Christine, I don't feel great today. The toothache rages on...never mind I had the offending tooth out last Thursday!

    Regards the yoga, yes, I am thinking a change will do me good. I'll have to investigate and see if I can find another teacher nearby.

    Its very hard to concentrate on any writing. Instead, I've been jotting down ideas for blog posts.

  5. Yes, good luck with the dentist. I recently spent £800 on a crown so I feel for you (although it wasn't painful). I've just started 'Gentle Yoga' too which I found quite fun, actually. Keep going with the writing.

  6. Hi Biddy, I'm into the same sort of figure for an extraction and a bridge, its quite shocking. The dentist has given me antibiotics and another drug as I've got something known as 'dry socket' I've never known pain like it!

    The writing hasn't happened so far this week, I can't focus. I probably need the yoga to calm me this week.

  7. When I hear about the pain when fixing teeth, I'm glad that I never have to go to the dentist.

    I'm staying away from writing for now, so I want to draw more, read more, visit more blogs... that sort of thing. Everything I can't do when my muse is breathing down my neck. :-)

    1. Sounds like fun! Change is good, thank you for dropping in...


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