Monday, 4 June 2012

Goal List - Week Commencing - June 3rd 2012

Cake - M. A. Smith

Last week was possibly my worst for keeping to my goal list.

Novel - Nothing done, and I can't think of an excuse. It just didn't happen!

Walk - During the week getting out was a real issue due to the pressure of the day job, however I finished on Wednesday evening, and managed to get out and about on Friday and Saturday for some long walks.

Cake - There was cake in moderation.

Read - Writing magazine turned up, and I've enjoyed many of the articles over the last few days.

Blog - Done a couple of posts, and received feedback through comments which is great! Always a pleasure to interact with others. Keep the comments coming folks, they are appreciated.

De-Clutter - I've chipped away at the mountain of junk lying around the house. Managed to toss a dozen garments out of the wardrobe into a charity bag this week. Also started to fill another box of bric-a-brac in readiness to take to charity shop this week.

I must do a little better this week. Here's the plan then.

Walk - I'm determined to do more walking, it makes me feel more alive!

Write - Something, anything! That's how I feel about the novel at the moment. Maybe I'll have to lock myself away in a room for an hour a day. Heck, its a frustrating second draft which isn't coming together how I envisaged. Any tips?
I will be blogging of course. It keeps me sane, and its writing!

Read - I'd like to read some short stories for a change, I've got several anthologies on my Kindle to keep me busy, and I'll read the rest of Writing Magazine.

I'm loathe to add anything else this week.

How are things going with your goals - are you on track? Wishing you a successful week.


  1. Cake in moderation. Love that!

    I just moved, so trying to squeeze in writing has been challenging. It didn't happen this weekend, but I did revise a chapter this morning.

    Good luck with your goals.

    1. I bet - moving is a stressful business I hope not to repeat too often. Last time was ten years ago, and I have to say it was traumatic.

      Best wishes in your new home.

  2. Last week may not have been so hot, but this week is a new week. A chance to do more. It's cool you adjusted your goals accordingly and wish you the best with accomplishing them.

    Second draft revisioins got you down? I'll have to take a step aside here and just send you a virtual hug. I'm still tring to get a first draft done for one story and hope to begin the second draft of another story this weekend.

    1. Hi Angela,
      Thank you for the virtual hug, and thank you for your kind comments. I hope you manage to sort out both drafts...

  3. Hi Maria - Yep I have to say I totally agree with your walking theory, that has been really helping me. I'm not only finding myself more creative but happier too! Perhaps they go hand in hand, lol. When I get stuck on my writing and I'm all walked out... I read, that sometimes helps. x

    1. You are quite right - I do feel happier when I'm walking. Its a case of just getting out of the door, and going for it!

  4. wouldn't it be a perfect world if we didn't have to ever use the word moderation in the same sentence as cake---you'll get it all done!

    1. Lynn,

      I'm certainly trying...making progress, have already eaten cake. In moderation of course.

  5. To keep the world in balance, I shall eat gobs of cake weekly.
    humorous post and good luck with all goals!

  6. Thank you Joanne, I am happy to have you supporting me with the cake habit!


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