Saturday, 30 June 2012

Happy Saturday - Helen Shapiro - Walking Back To Happiness

Although Helen was born in London, in September 1946, her parents, and grandparents were Jewish immigrants who came to England for a better life. She regularly attended the Synagogue, and both parents, encouraged music in the home.

She played Banjolele and sang with her brother in his youth band. Shapiero's voice was described as having a deep timbre to it, and this made it unusual and distinct for a girl not yet in her teens.

Best known for her 1960's chart toppers, 'You Don't Know' and 'Walking Back to Happiness' which she recorded at the young age of fourteen.

I chose 'Walking Back to Happiness' today because its a song which was often on the record player in my house when I was a child during the sixties, I remember my mum singing along as she pegged out the washing, and it always brings back happy memories whenever I hear it. I'm surprised it hasn't been covered by someone in recent years as its such an upbeat song.

As an extra treat, I've included her other number one hit 'You Don't Know' so, settle down and enjoy a nostalgic trip back to 1961, or perhaps this is your first listen to Helen's fabulous voice. Whichever, have a relaxing, happy Saturday - enjoy!

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  1. i had heard of her but hadn't heard her music--nice :)


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