Sunday, 15 July 2012

Goal List Week Commencing 15th July 2012

Image by Maria A Smith
Here we are again. Another fast week, and yes, it rained all week! Every darn day. However, the week ahead is looking brighter, at least today it is - the sun is out! Yay to that, I think we are all getting fed up and bored with the current weather situation.

It made me think, its true we can't do anything about the weather, we have little choice but to sit it out and make the best of the situation. Not easy if you're constantly under threat of flooding I know. But these 'to do' lists I set myself - I can do something about them. I'm in charge. Only I can make things happen and I'm going to hold that thought this week.

So, lets get on. First a quick update.

ReadingWriting Magazine  - Not as much as I had hoped to read, although I keep dipping into the pages between appointments, or waiting for pans to boil, and ovens to heat up. I'm sure the busy people know what I mean.

An article by editor Lorena Goldsmith had me hooked, 'Don't Lose the Plot' is about structure and making sure you have a clear idea of your plot, so as to develop a compelling story. Its a new series offering helpful advice on self-editing, I'll be following with interest. I've discovered a few plot holes and loose ends in my current WIP, and any help is appreciated.

Writing - Failed to get the second monologue done, I'm possibly fine picking it a bit too much, I've rested it down for the last four days with the intention of working on it for one final editing session early this week. Consequently, I haven't started the final piece yet.

I also wrote two new posts for the blog. I'm really enjoying the blog, and if I'm honest it keeps me writing, and often puts me into the zone. I also love reading your posts guys and girls. You writers rock!

Cake - Oh yes, there was cake, see above. And then there was more too. Fantastic therapy, I urge you to indulge. What can I say other than delicious, peaceful and great thinking time.. Time well spent.

The week ahead looks like this.

Writing - Finish both monologues. Prepare a novel chapter for critique, and complete the writing group weekly challenge.

Mac - Spend time getting to know Mac, my new best friend. You can help me. Calling all Mac users - Any programs I should get? Anyone know anything about Pages? Or should I get Word for Mac? All help greatly appreciated.

Laughter - I must get a healthy dose of laughter this week.

Music - Time I listened to something new. I need recommendations?

Have a good week - Catch you soon.


  1. My blog helps me feel like I'm writing even when I'm blocked! Good luck with the goal lists.

    1. I know what you mean, its like the warm up session isn't it?

  2. Had a couple of hours slot of fine weather yesterday and managed a BBQ. YAY! It was a last minute decision and by 7pm it was raining again but at least we managed our first this year!

    1. Well done! Mines still in the shed buried under a mound of sunbeds, chairs and a parasol.I can't imagine we'll be able to dig it out to coincide with any sunshine this year. However I'm hopeful for a heatwave in October!

  3. i want that cake haha--good list!!

  4. It sounds like you did more work than I did last week! I could suggest music but I'm not sure you'd like my taste. I'm listening to Rod Stewart's Great American Song Book as I type this ;-)

    1. Thank you, I shall seek it out, and let you know how I get on...I like a bit of Rod


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