Sunday, 22 July 2012

Goal List Week Commencing 22nd July 2012

At last! We seem to have made a bit of a breakthrough with the weather. For the last day or so, its felt much more like summer. Certainly a reason to feel more cheerful. This is how last week finished up.

Writing - I didn't finish both of the monologues. It is my first writing task of the week.
I did prepare a novel chapter for critique, which I took to my group yesterday. I got some very constructive feedback. Although I didn't manage the weekly challenge set by the Chair.

Mac - We are still getting to know one another. Slowly. Went to the local library and borrowed a book to help me. I'm not feeling the Mac love yet.

Laughter - There was some - not nearly enough though.

Music - I asked for recommendations, so when fellow blogger, Rosalind Adam suggested Rod Stewart's American Songbook, I got hold of a copy. Very relaxing, Rod croons and soothes as he does so - it makes for great background music. I've also been listening to Katherine Jenkins, she is fantastic! And now I want to go to the Opera!

All things considered I haven't done too badly this last week with the Goal List.

Here is the plan for this week.

Relaxation - I'm going to re-discover things that make me feel good and happy.

Writing - Priority is the monologues, followed by the edit on my manuscript after yesterdays feedback from my fellow writers. A couple of blog posts, and another re-write of a chapter. That will fill my time.

Video - I'm going to make a very short video, along with lots of other writers, as part of Calling All Writers a project put together by fellow writer Imran Siddiq -its a call to arms project, and you're invited too!
A wee bit of fun, and a way to get your name out there. Come on, its only a few seconds and you can find out how to get started here

Cake - I can't imagine a week without cake, so I'll be trying my best to add somewhere new to my list of tearooms, and who knows I might even break away from the traditional teatime treats and try something different, and new.

That is my plan - I hope you'll share what you hope to achieve this week?


  1. Wow what a long list of goals. Good luck with them all.

    1. Thanks Madeleine, and thank you for dropping by...
      It looks a long list but I combine cake and writing, and usually manage to work my way through a list, better than not having anything to guide me.

  2. Hi, Maria, I can't say how important relaxation, and finding enjoyment in your activities is to a writer. We tend to think we have to keep our nose to the grindstone, and that's when we may find ourselves over-worked/stessed out.

    Good goals to have!

    And we in the mid-west, US have been hoping for more rain. Hoping for some today, but it's really playing hard to get!

    I've posted about my plans, but I'm looking forward to a nice vacation with my husband in less than two weeks.
    Have fun with the video, sounds like fun!

    1. Hi Lorelei,
      Like your profile picture by the way...

      I agree its terribly important to try and balance relaxation and writing. I've been feeling jaded for a while, so need to get back into the flow.

      Your vacation sounds fun...enjoy!

  3. What a good idea to put your goals online - do you mind if I pinch it? (I have a crafty writing blog) It may help me to actually achieve some!

    Like you I am a cake addict - I hate it if I don't get a chance for 'afternoon tea'.

    Look forward to seeing how you get on with your list.

  4. Go for it Christine! It will give you focus. I have had my cake today - delicious it was too. Can't beat a bit of tea and cake.


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