Saturday, 21 July 2012

Happy Saturday - The Beatles

A double bill of the Beatles for you today. One of the greatest pop groups of our time, who have influenced generations of singers, and song writers. The first song I've selected was released on July 20th 1964, its very hard to believe it was over forty years ago.

It took three days to record in the Abbey Road Studio, and although mainly written by Paul McCartney, it was credited as a Lennon/McCartney song. It went out as the fifth track on their third album, 'A Hard Days Night'.

My second song choice from John, Paul, Ringo and George is 'In My Life' which is one of my favourite's, it really sums up life, and if you listen carefully to the words, you'll understand my meaning.

Recorded in October 1965, it is claimed that John wrote the lyrics and Paul wrote the music. I'm not sure that it matters, its a great song. Enjoy your Saturday.


  1. Beautiful songs, amazing songwriters, great band.

    1. And so ahead of their time, the words in their songs are relevant now.


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