Sunday, 29 July 2012

Goal List Week Commencing 29th July 2012

It's been another busy week, I have felt much happier, possibly because the sun has been shining all week. Hasn't it been fabulous? I am convinced it has lifted everyone's mood. There was a wee blip in the last seven days. My car broke down. Fortunately, I was rescued by those lovely AA people, and long story short, I now have a replacement vehicle until my own is fixed.

Last week went like this.

Relaxation - I slowed down. Simple as that.

Writing - I prioritised the monologues, BUT, I am still unhappy with the last one. I didn't edit my manuscript after feedback from my fellow writers, and I didn't rewrite another chapter.
This is what I did...

I critiqued a fellow writers manuscript.
I wrote and posted four blog posts, including my Goal list.
I wrote a short piece of flash fiction.
I went to my writers group, and read a monologue, I also critiqued several pieces of writing.

Video - I made my short video. Its a bit of fun, and I'm looking forward to seeing what other writers have come up with when Imran Siddiq  showcases the project.

Cake - There was a lot of cake.

Goals for the week ahead:

Writing - The last monologue, and the edits I need to do on my chapter.

Walking - I need the exercise - There was a lot of cake last week!

And that is it for this week, anything else will be a bonus. I'm trying to keep things manageable, and recharge my creative energy at the same time.
Are you on track? Let me know. 


  1. You made a short video? How exciting. Will it be up on You Tube. Glad you had a good week but deeply disappointed you ate cake without inviting me... :(

  2. Ruth,

    Don't tell me you missed the 'call to arms' by fellow writer Imran Siddiq, quick go here you might still be able to take part in the fun!

    Regarding cake, we should arrange a meeting before you are back in the classroom?

  3. Good luck with all your projects. This week I shall be making a cake as my friend, Elizabeth Lord is coming over on Friday. At 84 she just had another book accepted for publication and is so excited, it's wonderful to think and hope I'll feel the same at her age.

  4. Hi Paula, Like your new profile picture, and thank you for visiting.
    What a lovely idea, baking a cake for your friend Elizabeth. She sounds an inspiration, and I'm wondering if she is the lady I once met at Swanwick Writers' Summer School.
    Do enjoy your meeting, it sounds like its going to be very good.

  5. You did well Maria. I'm still laughing about the 'walking' and 'why'. Thanks for the smiles :-)

  6. I know, it is funny, but true. I need to get out and exercise. Tomorrow maybe...after I've polished of a scone or two.

  7. Sounds great to achieve those goals. Glad the AA came to your rescue.

    Yes I've been avoiding cake, chocs, puds, sweets and cookies for the past 6 days in the hope of losing some weight, though I must remember to exercise too!

    1. I have a lot of respect for the AA, and what I neglected to mention was that the poor man got knocked down by a cyclist who clearly thought he was in the Tour De France race! Even a high visibility jacket, and looking both ways made no difference. Accidents happen as they say.
      I hope you have a good week, six days without have very good willpower!


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