Sunday, 19 August 2012

Goal List Week Commencing 19th August 2012

Daisy - Maria A Smith

Since my visit to Swanwick last Sunday, I've felt energised! Perhaps though, it is the course of iron tablets I'm taking, but I like to think it was the Writers Summer School. There was certainly a positive buzz of energy about the place.

Last week I set myself the following goals, you can see how I got on below.

  •  Re-write the second part of chapter one - Yes, I am yet to get feedback.
  • Flash Fiction piece for Saturday morning critique group - Yes, and it seemed to go down well with the group. I'm going to look for somewhere to send it off to, be it a competition, or a possible publication.
  •  Blog posts and time visiting other writers blogs - Yes, I've  visited lots of blogs in the last week. What a talented lot you all are. I also managed my quota of posts.
  • Swimming - I managed time at the pool, and it was very beneficial. 
  • Reading - Writing Magazine, and a little Holly Lisle.

I also prepared, and delivered, the first part of a bite size workshop on 'Getting Started with a Blog' to my friends at Phoenix Writers' where one or two of the members have recently expressed an interest on the topic. It was a challenge packing the basics into fifteen minutes. Yes! That was my brief. 

Saturday afternoon I caught up with another writing buddy, I haven't really had chance to have a natter with her in a long time. That was nice.

The week ahead will be busy, I have lots to do. Here's my list.

Photography - I want to get out and about with the camera now that we are having some fine weather. Its also a great excuse for a walk!

Writing - Continue with the novel. 
Flash challenge piece - 150 words: 'Jack raised his rifle, and pointed it towards the cigarette glow.

Second part of 'Getting Started with a Blog, which I'll deliver on Saturday.

De-cluttering - That old chestnut! I'm afraid its got to be done. I'm suffocating under a ton of tasks I need to get done, to clear the decks. Paperwork I've neglected is going to be top priority. Its also time to fill a few bin bags with clutter I don't need. 

I said it was going to be busy. What challenges have you lined up for yourself this week? 


  1. Agree about that getting out with the camera :-)

  2. I love a day out with my camera. There are so many opportunities if you look around for them. Its much like writing. I like to look at the world through a lens...

  3. I think things often look so different through the lens of a camera, enjoy! Hope you get some great shots.

  4. Suzanne, I managed to get out inbetween showers of rain, and captured some really great images.


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