Sunday, 26 August 2012

Goal List Week Commencing 26th August 2012

A Ridiculously Long List - Maria A Smith
I set myself quite a few goals last week, some have turned out to be far more involved than I expected, which made it a tough week getting everything done. However, I broke the back of most of it...

Photography - Spent a lovely afternoon wandering around with my camera, got some lovely shots, you can see them here.  

WritingManaged more on the novel, and got a good critique from a writing buddy. 

Flash challenge piece - 150 words: 'Jack raised his rifle, and pointed it towards the cigarette glow. 

Yes! Did it late Friday evening, took it to the writers group on Saturday morning where it was read anonymously with nine other pieces.

Its a good exercise hearing your work read out by others, although I would have preferred to have seen all the pieces on the page too. Especially flash fiction because its so short. We didn't have time to do this as we had a lot of manuscripts to critique this week. Lots of good stuff!

Second part of 'Getting Started With A Blog' - I worked hard on writing part 2 of my mini workshop, and presented it at the end of our writers group meeting. I had fun doing it, and I'm hoping I've inspired some of the group to set up their own blog. I enjoy helping other writers.

Apart from that, I did a couple of blog posts, brainstormed more topics for September on the blog, as well as thought about where I want to go next. More about that soon.

I also picked up the latest copy of Writers Forum yesterday. 

De-clutteringI can confirm I've cleared a lot of the neglected paperwork, things are looking much better, and although I still have masses to file away, I've ticked lots of overdue tasks off my list. It feels good.

More charity bags have been filled, and I'll be making a trip to deliver these to local shops very soon.

The week ahead.

Writing - I'm going to take it easy this week. Apart from a couple of blog posts, and some flash fiction for my next group meeting, I want to have a good think about where I'm going, and what I want to do next.

Reading -  Writers Forum, and I have a new book! In Too Deep by Portia Da Costa I like a bit of erotic romance now and again, and I'm well overdue a good read, and its a real book! As a Kindle owner, its not often I read paper pages anymore. That sounds quite shocking, but its true. I still love real books though.

De-cluttering - I need to continue in earnest with this task.

What plans have you made for the next week?  


  1. We're supposed to be decorating the front room this week and I should be writing and I really need to do some serious decluttering. I do like your list - I particularly like the frequent mentions of cake - that I could do :-) x

  2. Decorating! Oh pet hate I think you need to get out and take afternoon tea. Just do it!

  3. I need a trip to the doctors this week and I'm planning to have lunch with a friend. Not sure where the writing will fit in but i'll no doubt be able to squeeze some in at some point. Fingers crossed.
    Oh and hopefully some board games! :-)
    Busy week... Particularly since I've generally given up on planning stuff these days.

  4. I like the sound of lunch with a friend. I can understand how difficult it must be to plan anything, its a new mummy problem.

    I have every confidence you will soon become a very good juggler. And knowing you, you'll squeeze in the writing time.

  5. I've just started work again and things have been at a standstill elsewhere. You post motivates me Marie. I need to get back to my DI Y and putting up the new deco blog. I have a telephone table that was sanded at least two weeks ago waiting patiently for a new lease on life. It's time I rolled up my shirt sleeves.

  6. You sound full of plans, and determination, thank you for taking time out to drop by, and I hope you'll come back and share a link to your new blog.

  7. Hi Maria, Ivy is a gem... I'm very lucky girl to have a friend like her. She's amazing! She keeps telling me she has plenty more books inside of her and at 84. I shall be meeting up with her again soon. I'm glad you enjoyed my short story. The editor from the Writng Magazine has email me to say they are publishing it in their competition special so my story has a life of its own:-)

    My plan is to get my novel finish and back to the agent who has shown an interest.

    Good luck with your list.

    1. Paula, really pleased to hear, Writing Magazine s going to publish the story, and yes you must finish your novel! If an agent has shown an interest that is very encouraging.

  8. That to do list is daunting! Although I did notice how many times cakes were mentioned! I've given up on my to do list recently. It was starting to wind me up!

    1. That is what happens if they get too big. You have to cheat a little then, and break them up into smaller chunks.

  9. I love making lists then ticking the jobs off! It's soo satisfying. And even if you feel you've done very little you can at least turn to your list and take comfort that you have accompished some stuff! The key is not have too long a list or try to complete it all, l find. It's a question of prioritising for me. I think you've done absolutely marvelous with all you've achieved!! You must be feeling pretty pleased...

  10. Hi Pat,

    Its been a year of lists! You're spot on...'don't have too long a list' and look at it often to see what you've accomplished are the key elements to getting stuff done and feeling good about it!


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