Monday, 6 August 2012

Goal List Week Commencing 5th August 2012

Maria A Smith

Last week was far more relaxed than any I've had in a while, perhaps, because I didn't put myself under as much pressure. What did I achieve?

Writing - I got the last monologue finished, and sent out, I wrote several posts on the blog, penned 100 words of flash fiction, critiqued several manuscripts for my fellow writers and mapped out a rough plan for the next month.

Walking - I got out and about inbetween showers of heavy rain and rumbling thunder.

Things I liked about the last week.

Watching the Olympics, and seeing the many talented sportsmen and women take part in the games. Especially Team GB! It is so uplifting to see them doing well.

Capturing images of life around me with my camera.

Pink Daisies - Maria A Smith

Yoga had me stretching further this week, and energised me. I must remember I have homework.

Buying new clothes. Its been a while since I replaced my work wardrobe.

Browsing the Kindle store, and treating myself to some books.

Meeting friends for tea and chatter, and eating cake!

Apple & Walnut Cake - Maria A Smith

Going to Phoenix Writers, and being amazed by my talented writing buddies, and their stories.

Reminiscing about years gone by, then posting my thoughts and pictures here  on the blog.

Things I didn't like.

Backache due to driving a courtesy car with uncomfortable seats, because my car is waiting for parts in the garage.

Sleepless nights (see above)

And so to this week, and my goals. Keeping it simple.

Writing - I will be mainly concentrating on my novel, and be assisting in judging a short story  competition.

Reading - Writing Magazine, and Mugging the Muse by Holly Lisle

Mac - Continue to learn about my Mac

Cake - It will be done.

What are your goals for the week ahead? Share them here - I love receiving your comments.

Dodging the Showers - Maria A Smith


  1. Great week! I had a lot of bad night sleep-wise last month myself, but we finally have our new air-conditioning unit installed, and I've been sleeping like a rock the last few nights. For this coming week, my novella officially releases and I'll be spending the week touring and promoting it online. Exciting!

    1. Very exciting! Best wishes with the launch date...All the hard work is coming together at last!

  2. After spending many years thinking about writing a book and being turned down from the first agent I tried with my, I've finally done it, got it published and from Friday last it started selling on Kindle. Hurrah. I thought I'd give it a go just to see.I can't however work out how many I've sold yet. I think it's the middle of this month. So today I'm starting my second novel (again)

    1. Well done David, very best wishes to you, I hope your writing dreams come true.

  3. I always love reading your goals, Maria. Sounds like you had a good week! :) My goal for the week ahead is to come up with a good short story to submit to the Scottish Book Trust New Writer's Competition. I also hope to get some more writing done towards the novel. Fingers crossed we both have a productive week :)

    1. I should enter more competitions, I always feel good when I send something off, and you just never know...good luck with your entry.

      Let me know how it goes with your novel, I managed a couple more pages last night.

  4. Sounds like a lovely, productive week (mmmm, cake).

    I really like Holly Lisle's Mugging the Muse & her writing advice emails. Found really useful articles on her site when stuck on particular writing problems.

    1. I like Holly Lisle, she is a great writer, and loves helping other writers learn the craft

  5. There's nothing like the feeling of having had a good week.

  6. Yay for a great week. I love your photos, especially your pink daisies. Gorgeous.

    1. Thank you, I felt very productive last week!
      We are getting a lot of rain, but the blooms are beautiful on many of the plants this year. Just a shame they keep getting smashed down with each downpour.

  7. you had a great week, it sounds like---i don't think i got as much accomplished as you did----that tea looks so inviting--hope this week is a good one for you too :)

  8. Thankyou Lynn, I hope you have a good week, and the cake was delicious too...
    First time I tried the Apple and Walnut, and it won't be the last!

  9. Hi Maria, Sounds like you've been a busy girl...again! That apple and walnut cake does look good. Do let us know how you go helping out judging the short story competition; that does sound interesting :-)


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