Saturday, 4 August 2012

Happy Saturday - Gary Newman - Cars

Back in the early 1980's Gary Newman burst onto the scene and revolutionised music, with his weird and wonderful electronic sounds. I was eighteen, and the world was an oyster ready to be discovered.

I spent my week at work, and the weekends out, enjoying myself, On a a Friday and Saturday I'd be touring the town pubs, and socialising with everyone, the world seemed much safer then.

I'd end the evening going onto a night club, and spending at least four hours on the dance floor, moving to the latest sounds. Clubs were only allowed to stay open until 2am, and pubs called last orders at 11pm. We used to wear ourselves out, then walk three miles home.

Me and Kim Dyson 1982

My friend Kim would visit the local market on a Thursday to buy a couple of yards of fabric, and by teatime on Friday, I'd have a new dress to wear. Kim was amazing with the sewing machine. Very creative, and not only could she sew, she could also knit the most fantastic cardigans. We often used to swap the dresses around, so that we each wore something different each evening. Neither of us had a lot of money, but we had a lot of fun!

When we were in our early twenties, she moved away from Leicestershire, to Cambridge, and we lost touch.  I often wonder what became of her...and I miss her happy smile. I hope she did well for herself, and followed her dreams.

Me and Kim Dyson 1982


  1. Awww I hope you get back in touch with Kim, that would be so sweet! Your dresses are gorgeous, and I love the belts too :) I'd love to be able to make my own clothes!

  2. Me too! I tried knitting but rarely finished anything. I think I dropped more stitches than I created. I once tried to make a skirt. It was a disaster. Its a fanciful thought though...


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